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Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates on the Clear Dream Match

I was surprised to hear that Stallions pulled out the participation of OJ Clarino and Wilson Muñoz from the Clear Dream Match. I sent a message to Ernie Nierras and have yet to hear from him. So I won’t speculate yet on the reason. Whatever it is, what a waste. I think that it's good publicity for the players and the club. 

Freddy Gonzalez won’t be able to play as well because he’ll be on a business trip.

So that’s three players voted by the fans who won’t make it. Two replacements has been named… Pachanga’s Ousseynou Diop and Loyola’s Michael Menzi who will play for Team Phil. Menzi also plays for FEU. He made his Spakrs’ debut during the recent leg of the Singapore Cup.

As for Gonzalez’ replacement, Paulus Reyes of Team Socceroo will suit up for Team Phil.

I will wait for more info before I make comments about whatever is happening to the Azkals’ US trip. Suffice to say I’m shaking my head at the developments.

I reported earlier that OJ Clarino is leaving Stallion for Diliman, but a message from the former UST player indicates that he is staying put. 

On the topic of Pachanga, they have some new transfers – Hector Zaghi and his brother have left Team Socceroo for Pachanga. That greatly strengthens the Red Phoenix’ midfield.

Former Azkal, Global and Laos player Michael Atienza has also moved to Pachanga. I guess you all know now that Angel Guirado has left Global for a club in India. There was an opportunity to play in Qatar but the India gig looks better.

There were other celebrities who wanted to participate but couldn't because of the scheduling conflicts. Hopefully, by next year's edition of this charity match. And Rico Blanco will be performing at halftime. 


  1. sir clear ko lang. hindi po ako lilipat ng diliman or any other clubs. and about sa clear, wala pako narerecieve na information kung kasali ako or hindi - oj

  2. Ojay, go to my FB and let's talk. Surprised about this.