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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To live and die in LA: David Beckham stays with the LA Galaxy (spurns Paris St. Germain)

David Beckham is going to stay with the Los Angeles Galaxy after turning down a fantastic offer from Paris St. Germain (they would have doubled LA's base offer). It looks like the 36-year old midfielder will get two-more years with the Galaxy after a successful season. Looks like the Beckham experiment is a success after all. According to reports, it seems that Beckham’s family didn’t want to uproot themselves and the Galaxy sweetened the pot by allowing him to play for the England National Team for the London Olympic Games this year if he is selected (you must get him, Fabio Capello).

That means that LA gets to keep their trio of stars in Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane, and Beckham.

Personally, watching their group dynamics during their recent Manila trip, I thought they were a pretty close bunch. That helps, right?

And the MLS is really growing. Their average attendance was better last year than a couple of major leagues in the US not named NFL and MLB. A new franchise will open in Montreal and the New York Cosmos are knocking. There’s talk of a team in Miami. That’s a good sign.

On a mischievous note, here are possible other reasons why Beckham is staying with LA:
Posh said NO.
NO Lakers games.
Ron Hernandez theorizes it’s because of the Mayan Calendar to which a few other fans replied: “So he can return to his alien planet when the portal opens” and “Back to the Milky Way Galaxy.” Hilarious!

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  1. New York Cosmos, the former team of Pele? Then what will happen to Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls? BTW, I would love seeing a soccer reppin' Miami. So much for LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. hahahaha