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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Behind the MFC

The Muntinlupa Football Club not only has to ward off the attacks of opposing teams when they do get to join tournaments, but they also have to fend off advances, takeovers, and internal dissension.

One coach was receiving donations but was not turning in everything. What he did with the donations no one can say. Another tried to take the team away from Coach Leah Madrid by turning the players against her because of her lack of experience as opposed to others. This guy even was asking the female players to engage in suggestive play that borders on sexual and physical abuse.

It is important that clubs/teams or outreach projects like them are handled well with the best of intentions.
I informed the club that as soon as I am able to put them in touch with private and organized donors, I'm off. I have done my part.

But things like that happen. We have seen time and again how UN Aid does not reach their intended recipients as they go to the black market or the garages of warlords, police, and the politicians.

What I am doing now is advising them on certain matters but in a very limited capacity. But I did apply to work as a coach for a school-based team (not Ateneo).

So why mention this at all?

So that the predators know that we know and we are watching.

Thanks for the support though. It is much appreciated.

Agin, those who work on the Homeless Word Cup activity in Ateneo, let me know.

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