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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Allow me to gripe just once more

After listening to the Press Con where Manny Pacquiao detailed "the move" to ABS-CBN, I have come to this conclusion:

one, ABS-CBN should have not gotten into this in the first place. They should and would have known that there was a live contract between the boxer and Solar Sports/GMA. Isn't it obvious there is one in place? Who in the blue hell is the idiotic person who said that there is none and that there was a provision for such a quick release?

two, the first time he left Solar (I was still with the network, I'd like to know how he was able to worm his way out of it. I'd also like to know how he was able to leave ABS-CBN to go back to Solar. I want to find out how he broke his contract with oscar De La Hoya to go to Top Rank. What were the forces or events that surrounded them? Then we'll all come to the truth.

three, I don't believe either of them.

I think that everyone has to look at his failed campaign to run for public office in Gen San. That says a lot too of how people perceive him. I spent some time there and was shocked to hear first hand accounts of certain things that I'd rather not talk about.

Years ago, I had this opportunity to write a huge story about Manny for a Hong Kong newspaper. I backed out of it because I was being asked to write some things that would put him in negative light.

I totally understand if he's become snobbish or even not willing to talk to a lot of people. I would be like that too knowing that everyone is after my money. If he engages in extra marital affairs or whatever that's his own look out. Like he is the first. That has no place in a sports story.

I backed out because I thought that the editorial direction was wrong.

Anyway, I used to root for him even knowing all his flaws. But that slowly eroded in the last year or so. The latest affair still wouldn't have happened had he agreed no matter what the promises were. He's had a nasty habit of reneging on contracts.

People claim that it's a publicity stunt to generate more interest. Like those love teams of old for lousy, sappy, and formulaic dramas or comedies (song and dance number, boy-meets-girl/boy-loses-girl, ghost hunting).

Not only do I not believe either of them but at this point, I do not care and hope Hatton knocks everyone off their high horse.

Please do not tell me that this is the Philippines versus England. That's barking up the wrong tree.

It's about ethics.

Hey anyone remember a few years ago when the country objected to the report naming us as the most corrupt country? It came out that the complaint was, "we're not the most, only just one of..."

Thank God it's the US NCAA's, the NBA play-offs, and the various football leagues are winding down. They are infinitely more interesting.

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