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Friday, December 1, 2017

The Lagdameos: A contrast in watching their son's Xavier hoops games

The Lagdameos: A contrast in watching their son's Xavier hoops games
by rick olivares

The Cherifer Smart Breakdown Basketball Invitationals 12-Under match between De La Salle Zobel and Xavier School last Thursday, November 30, was a close one. The latter looked to blow out the former early in the game when they took a 10-point lead. But the DLSZ Junior Archers came roaring back to notch the count thrice and keep pace with the Golden Stallions.

For the Xavier squad, there was a curious but animated spectator who stood time and again and cheered her lungs out.

It was actress Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo whose son, Jacobo was playing for Xavier. “It feels good to be a spectator for a change,” she later quipped. “But you have to pardon me because I get all excited and emotional – in the good way.”

Close by was her husband Congressman Anton Lagdameo (of Davao Del Norte) who was the polar opposite – cool, calm, and quiet.

However, the lawmaker explained his being quiet. “I cannot play basketball. I never learned. It’s a good thing I don’t know how to play or else I might be interfering with the coach or tell my son what to do at ma-istorbo pa sila. I played some football but that was it. It is my son who is passionate about the game.”

“We try to watch every game time and commitments permitting,” added Zulueta-Lagdameo. “We understand that our son puts a lot of pressure on himself. In Xavier, it is difficult to balance academics with sports so we balance our expectations. And we know that our son works hard.”

“We just try to be positive and not be like others who curse and yell at the sons or the coach or even other players. We want to be a positive influence on our son.”

Jacobo is 12 years old and despite his young age, he watches what basketball there is on television or YouTube. Shared the congressman, “Bonding time for my son and I is also talking basketball. For the life of me, I do not know the personalities involved. It is my son who teaches me who’s who and how the game is played. And I just listen; I am fascinated by his passion and when I see that I just want to support him all the more.”

Against DLSZ (Xavier won 58-50), in 10 minutes of play, Jacobo recorded a rebound, an assist, and a steal. “I am glad he was able to contribute in his own small way,” said Lagdameo. “For sure on the way home, he will share his stories from the bench.”

The congressman also shared the time about a year ago when Jacobo was bringing down the ball when his guard tripped on himself. Jacobo stopped dribbling, helped up his fallen opponent then continued to dribble. “I know it is not something that is done during competition,” noted Lagdameo. “It was both a funny and proud moment for us as parents.”

“I wasn’t much of a sports person,” clarified Zulueta-Lagdameo. “From my standpoint, and just watching but then it was useless because you will only hear my voice. So I told my husband who is the collected one, ‘you video, and I will cheer’. I am too excitable.”

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