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Thursday, September 7, 2017

In defense of San Beda's Robert Bolick Jr.

San Beda Red Lion Robert Bolick Jr. has been suspended by the NCAA for his involvement in a scuffle during a game against the College of St. Benilde the other day. The Red Lions won handily, 72-58, but will lose head coach Boyet Fernandez and players Bolick and Clint Doliguez to suspension following the events that happened at the 2:28 mark of the fourth period with the Red Lions leading, 71-57.

CSB Blazer brought down Bolick with a hard foul and Bolick was alleged to have thrown an elbow in retaliation.

What is sad about the whole affair is that Bolick’s ejection and suspension disqualifies him from any individual season award and he is a contender for the NCAA Most Valuable Player Award.

In the NCAA Constitution as of July 31, 2017, it says in the “Rules of Conduct of Players and Coaches and Officials” (2.1.8 Rule #8): “The following acts are strictly prohibited of the coaches, players, managers, team officials, members of the bench, utility personnel, members of the cheering team:
“Instigating a fight
Showing a glaring intention to participate in a fight or brawl
Actual participation in a fight or brawl
Participation in a brawl with a closed fist
Showing intent to fight and hit anyone
Making provocative gestures
Initiating contact with intent to harm – punching, kicking, head butt, and other similar acts.”

Did Bolick instigate the fight? No.
Did Bolick show a glaring intention to participate in a fight or brawl? I don’t believe so.
Did Bolick participate in a fight or brawl? This also depends on how the NCAA defines a brawl or a fight. From my understanding of a brawl or a fight is punches and kicks are thrown (as are the use of objects). No, there was no fight. It was a near one. No one threw any punches. But here is where there is grey matter. It is open to interpretation.
Did he hit anyone with a closed fist? Not a closed fist. He used his forearm and it landed although not without excessive force. But he did land it. This is where that open to interpretation comes to play.

In my opinion, what Bai Cristobal should have done is just call a technical foul on both players.

From what I understand, San Beda will appeal Bolick’s suspension today. And rightly so. Now, I pray that there are more sensible heads in the people who will hear that appeal.

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