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Friday, March 7, 2014

New kicks: Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Got my second air of Mizuno shoes ever and it’s their Wave Rider 17 – their flagship running shoe.

My last pair, the Wave Rider 14, I wore out and loved it to death. See! It took a while to replace it and three Wave Riders later…

When I look at Mizuno, I think it’s like a niche shoe. You think of golf first and then running. Because it’s a Japanese shoe, then you know they are meticulous with the design. They don’t really look fashionable because that’s Nike’s realm. But for form fitting casual wear, I go adidas and now for roadwork, Mizuno.

Coming off several foot injuries (basketball related), I wanted a shoe that didn’t cramp my big feet and one that gives max comfort. My Wave Rider 14 answered that and I am eager to road test the Wave Rider 17. When I was healthier and in form, I used to do 15-20K walks/runs on weekends. Coming back from a long illness, I am not going to do anything strenuous just yet. But a road test would be in order.

Normally I do not get white colored kicks unless they are K-Swiss (c’mon if you get K-Swiss in another color then you’ve committed apostasy). The white Wave Rider 17 is perfect. It adds to the sleek design. But perhaps what appeals to me is the weight of the shoe. It weighs only 8.6 ounces! The previous design (Wave Rider was two ounces heavier) so when you walk/run the lightness helps a lot! The mesh design looks very flexible.

With all these in mind, I am also eager to see how their midsole design performs when I go out there.

Are you concerned with breaking your shoes? Sure I am that is why I don’t hope to do anything strenuous just yet. Want my feet to get comfortable with the shoe. I recall this adidas shoe from several years ago that cause me problems in my first few days of use but after that it was perfect. Wonder if the Wave Rider 17 will be the same.

Only one way to find out and will let you all know.


Here was an old post on the Mizuno Wave Rider 14

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