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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New kicks: Mizuno Wave Rider 14

I was looking into getting a pair of new cross trainers or tennis shoes and while looking at the Mizuno line of running shoes, I was drawn to the Wave Rider 14. I still use my Nike Zoom Triax which I love for its comfort as it does not stick to my feet like second skin. For me, space is just as important because my feet don't feel boxed in. But I wanted a new pair and thus the Wave Rider 14. It is my first ever pair of Mizuno kicks. 

When I first put it on, I thought that the toe area was a bit narrow. I've got big and wide feet so you can imagine how excruciating it is wearing leather shoes. But I love the cushioning and the intercool feature of the ventilated mesh outer portion. It love how it reduces the effects of heat on the feet. Try it on without socks. Now this is "air"! 

I got it nevertheless. And by night time, after having it broken in, the shoe had conformed to my feet and I found it even more comfortable. The Dynamotion Fit feature for the heel keeps the foot snugly in place while in motion. It is said to help reduce blisters and the stress level on heels but that's something I'll be able to verify in the next few weeks. For now, I'm loving this.

On a scale of 1-10 with the latter being tops, here I rate the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 (the reservoir blue color) so far:
Cushioning: 8
Stability: 9
Weight: 10 (much lighter than my Triax which I am demoting to a 8)
Style: 7 (Mizuno isn't Nike in terms of looks and while we know that in shoes, the design counts a lot, the Wave Rider 14 doesn't knock you out instantly. But give it a chance on your feet and you're reinforced with the feeling that beauty is skin deep.)
Price: It costs just a bit under PhP5K but with regards to this acquisition, I cannot comment. Loving it is all I'll say.

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  1. Rick,

    If you've got wide feet then stay away from Nike. They're made a a tad thinner, perhaps the thinnest among the running shoes. For running shoes Asics will have 2E and even 4E width on many of their models, which are wider than Nike to start with.

    Seems like you go the US often, so when you're here be sure to stop by Fleet Feet (no, I'm not affiliated) and standard procedure for them is to have you fit several shoes and watch you run a bit in them. And there's no pressure to sell. Some even have a treadmill in the store, and best of all their prices are competitive, if not the same as what you'll find in the web.