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Monday, January 13, 2014

SBC Red Cubs, Chiang Kai Shek survive rallies by DLSZ & Xavier to post MMBL wins

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SBC, CKSC survive rallies by DLSZ & Xavier to post MMBL wins
by rick olivares

This is why the game is played until the final seconds.

In a Metro Manila Basketball League match between NCAA Juniors champion San Beda and UAAP Juniors Final Four squad De La Salle Zobel, the Juniors Archers got off to a quick 19-17 first quarter lead after taking the game to the Red Cubs.

The Red Cubs with many of their stars graduating from high school looked mostly disinterested and were content to showboat. It took their second unit led by Norrish DeCapia to get them back into the game in the second quarter. When that happened the Junior Archers were unable to match the level of play and they fell behind for close to 20 points up to the halfway mark of the fourth period. The Junior Archers launched a scorching rally that saw them draw level.

In the final minutes of regulation, San Beda, behind DeCapia and reserve Miguel Salcedo (who works as a statistician for the team but plays on Team C), carried the load for the Red Cubs. After John Ryan Gumtang put up SBC by three, 80-77, DLSZ’s Paco Rabat nailed a three from the right corner pocket with no time left to send the game into overtime.

In overtime, San Beda put in Niko Abatayo and Ranbill Tongco to join DeCapia and gunner Adven Diputado to restore sanity to their offense. They staved of La Salle to win 89-87.

DeCapia led San Beda with 18 points while the Red Lions-bound Diputado added 15.

Joaquin Banzon led DLSZ with 28 points while forward Alfred Sajulga added 14.

In a battle featuring Tiong Lian powers, Chiang Kai Shek High School took on Xavier School.

CKSC Gunner John Gallego waxed hot early in the first period by drilling four consecutive jumpers to post a huge double-digit lead.

Chiang Kai Shek double-teamed Golden Stallions center Isaac Go with forward Med Salim harassing him into a poor shooting day.

Xavier came storming back behind the gutsy drives of Jarrell Lim to cut the lead down to six, 59-53, but Gallego caught fire in the end game to repulse the Golden Stallions 68-60.

Gallego led CKSC with 19 points while Salim added 11. Lim and Go paced Xavier with 17 and 16 points respectively.

Weekend MMBL results:
COS-BR 95 vs. REEDLEY 84
CKSC 80 vs. DLSZ 56
CKSC-A 68 vs. XAVIER-A 60
DLSZ-A 87 vs. SBC-A 89
SBC-C 69 vs. XAVIER-C 54
CKSC-B 53 vs. ADMU-B 64
LSGH 37 vs. UST-B 79
ADMU-A 64 vs. FEU-FERN 80
OLFU 59 vs. MIT 69
SJA-M 52 vs. ADU-B 49
HCHS 82 vs. UPHDS 72
DPS 89 vs. LSM 62
SJCS 54 vs. SBCA-A 57
NU-A 93 vs. UPIS 79

January 11, 2013 (venue: ISM)

ISM-B 54 vs. DLSL 71
SBC-B 87 vs. ISM-A 62
FAITH-A 80 vs. UST-A 54
ISM-A 68 vs. FAITH-A 81

January 12, 2013 (venue: San Beda)

ADU-B 82 vs. ESPS 68
ADU-A 64 vs. FEU FERN 62
QCSHS 46 vs. LSCA 68
EACICA 57 vs. CKSC-A 85
TSMS 0 vs. SMCL 20
CSA-B 64 vs. CDBS 67
LSM 51 vs. SJCS 55
MIT 58 vs. HCHS 56
NU-D 80 vs. SPRIDE-C 55 
NU-C 63 vs. COSBR 83
NU-A 81 vs. SBC-A 70
SSHS 65 vs. SBC-B 83
SSHS 53 vs. ACM 31

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