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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PerkyWasted immortalizes… Metta World Peace

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PerkyWasted immortalizes… Metta World Peace
by rick olivares

New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace has been immortalized in a punk rock song from PerkyWasted. The song’s title – “Metta World Peace”.

It’s crazy, zany, and infectious. Just like the Man himself who discovered the song when he was tagged on Twitter.

Online news website The Bleacher Report was one of the first to report about the song that was uploaded on YouTube and Soundcloud last December 29, 2013. A number of people Tweeted about it while tagging The-Player-Formerly-Known-As-Ron-Artest to which he replied: “You love this rock band, baby!”

“Metta World Peace” the song was written last October when lead singer Raj Sangalang attended a creative seminar.

Participants were each given a word that was written on a piece of paper and placed inside a fishbowl. The objective was to present something creative using the word. “I picked out the word ‘peace’, recounted Sangalang, the singer and guitarist of PerkyWasted. “Now how do you interpret that? I wanted to try out something different. And I thought that since I am a fan of the NBA, hey, there’s this player named Metta World Peace!”

Thinking he was on to something, Sangalang presented the song to his bandmates Jigo Virina, Ian Invencion (guitars), and Max Cinco (drums).

Virina, who plays bass guitar player and sings back-up vocals thought, “I used to watch the NBA but not so much recently. When Raj (who roots for the Dallas Mavericks) asked us if we were familiar with Metta World Peace, I said, ‘Isn’t he the guy who elbows other players?’ We all had a good laugh.”

Added Virina, “The song sounds so crazy it just might work.”

“Besides,” chimed in Sangalang. “Metta World Peace is a top player. So we tried to incorporate elements of his game into the lyrics.”

The band has made a name for itself in Ateneo de Manila University as one of the heirs to Parokya ni Edgar, a band who through their music pokes fun at everyday life. According to Virina, the band also draws some of its influences from Green Day, Blink-182 as well as reggae and pun rock.

The band’s profile on Soundcloud describes them as a band whose “crowd has always been half-naked, sweaty, smelly men. This is why we suck at girls.” In the bandcamp page, it says that the quarter was formed “to kick ass and have fun."

The video of the song was uploaded to YouTube and was featured in The Bleachers Report and’s The Starters among others giving the band instant notoriety.

When Metta World Peace Tweeted about the song, the band felt honored. “At least he took the time to notice us,” related Sangalang.

“We felt honored,” gushed Virina.

“We plan on recording an album sometime soon,” revealed Sangalang. “With ‘Metta World Peace’ as one of the tracks.”

When the band performed the song during a gig last weekend, one person in the crowd recognized the song and said, “Oh, that was on internet.”

Here are the lyrics to the song:

“Meta World Peace”

He blocked so many shots

He's got so many 3's

Do you know who he is?
He's Metta World Peace.
He used to play for the Lakers

but now he plays for the Knicks.

His name was Ron Artest

but now it's Metta World Peace.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Metta..
Hello Everybody! I'm here to tell you
about a basketball player.
He promotes world peace through his last name.
Have you ever heard of a basketball player named Metta World Peace?
Let's play Jazz

Menuhmenuhmenuhmenuhmenuh Mettuuuuuuuh
Menuhmenuhmenuhmenuhmenuh Mettuuuuuuuh
Wuuhh Wuuuh wuuuh wuuuh wuuuuuuuh wuuh wuuuuh
wuuuh woooorld.
Metta World Peace!

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  1. what a crappy song. i cringe the whole time... 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back.