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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the suspensions of UE's Charles Mammie and Lord Casajeros

UE’s Charles Mammie and Lord Casajeros will sit out UE’s next two matches after being suspended by UAAP Commissioner Chito Lozaga.

Now that overtime loss to FEU hurts even more because they’ll be losing two vital cogs when they play NU and La Salle in succession.

According to the two separate memos submitted to UE, there were two unsportsmanlike fouls that were not called by the officials.

In the case of Mammie, it was “extending his foot at the landing area of the shooter (Terrence Romeo).”

Casajeros in the meantime was “seen delivering a blow against Romeo on his blind side”.

According to Loyzaga, both players were previously warned via memos dated July 11. Having done that, they were dealt the two-match suspension. Any more corresponding actions will merit a heftier sanction.

As I understand from UE’s coaching staff, they will appeal both suspensions.

Personally, I am not sure about the Mammie non-foul. I have to see the video of that. I recall seeing that and I somewhat disagree. But according to UE team consultant Bong Ramos, Mammie even tried to avoid landing underneath Romeo.

The Casajeros non-called foul, I saw that happen and wondered why on Earth he even did that. I think Lord can be a terrific player when he wants to be put he just has to get all that dirty play out of his system.

I spoke to Loyzaga about his decision and he said that when he saw Casajeros take that shot at Romeo, he thought of the Javillioner hit on Jeric Teng. “I was criticized for only issuing a memo,” said Loyzaga. “Now that I am suspending them and with previous warnings in all the memos, they are upset.”

I asked the Commish why other players were not suspended for their closed fist fouls and he said that he issued a memo. To date the players warned for that have not done anything.

As a former player, Loyzaga added, he is all too aware of what dirty play can lead to. “Will we wait for a fight to happen?” he asked.  

Ramos and he said that he felt the suspensions were too harsh and would really hurt their hunt for a Final Four slot. “But we will try our best. The other players really have to raise their game. If we are successful in our appeal then it is good.”

There will be a meeting between the team concerned, the technical committee and the commissioner.

One UAAP official said that if the Commissioner is willing to be strict with his suspensions he should also be the same with the referees who only receive written memos about their poor calls.


  1. In the case of Mammie, it was “extending his foot at the landing area of the shooter (Terrence Romeo)

    Hoy review nyo mabuti yan. nakaposition na si Mammie bago pa man tumalon si Romeo papaanong extending his foot nag inarte lang si romeo, basketball yan hindi stage play.

    1. Kumusta kras mo? Ikaw ba yan?

  2. UE will definitely not win against either DLSU or NU without Mammie. They'd be just like UE of last year, at best UE of 2009. Sana lang natamaan noong suspension yong game against Ateneo lol at di La Salle.

    Fast forward sa Sunday: ANIM ang La Salle, Pito Ateneo! OBF!