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Saturday, February 2, 2013

One FC: Return of Warriors Banario makes the weight but will it affect him in his fight vs Eric Kelly?

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Banario makes the weight but will it affect him in his fight vs Eric Kelly?
by rick olivares

01 February 2013 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia During the weigh in for Filipino fighters Eric Kelly and Honorio Banario who will be clashing for the One Fighting Championship Featherweight World Championship on Saturday, February 2, the latter did not immediately make the weight causing some anxious moments.

Banario initially weighed in by several more pounds and it took him a while to shed them in the steam room.

The weight classes between the different mixed martial arts organizations differ by a few pounds/kilograms. For a fighter to compete in the One FC’s Featherweight class, he must tip the scales at no more than 145 lbs (65.8 kg). Banario initially came in heavier than the prescribed weight.

Eventually he made the weight at 144.8 lbs (65.8 kg.) while Kelly easily tipped the scales at his normal fighting weight of 144.5 lbs (65.7 kg.).

What does this mean for Banario, who normally fights in the lightweight division that prescribes a maximum weight of 155 lbs. (70.3 kg.)? It is possible that the huge weight loss could have a major impact in this main event of One FC: Return of Warriors that will be tonight at the Putra Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

It is normal for fighters, not necessarily in mixed martial arts but in also its ring cousin in boxing, to slide up and down various weight classes. Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is known for winning in eight different weight classes in his stories career. The catch however, is while struggling to lose weight, many fighters lose strength and energy as well.

Coming in at 10 lbs lighter presents a challenge for Banario as opposed to Kelly who is fighting in his weight class, the Featherweight Division. The cut in weight deprives the body of valuable fluids that is vital to normal bodily functions. The few hours between the weigh in and competition is not enough time restore equilibrium within the body. While struggling to lose weight, many fighters lose strength and energy as well.

According to One FC Senior Public Relations Manager, Loren Mack, an All-Filipino Main Event in Kuala Lumpur is a sign of how far Philippine MMA has come. “There are lots of exciting Filipino fighters coming out today and they are proving themselves in front of a worldwide audience. It’s a huge honor or privilege for them to headline an event in a foreign country.”

Banario described the bout with Kelly as a “superfight”.

“We’re going to see what the guys (Kelly and Banario) are made of tonight,” concluded Mack.

All but one of the fighters made weight and are ready for One FC: Return of Warriors. Malaysian Saiful Merican weighed in at 59 kg/ 129.8 lbs on his second attempt and failed to make weight for his flyweight division bout. The undercard fight against Gianni Subba will now be contested at Catchweight meaning it will be fought in an unrestricted weight bout.

Eric Kelly (65.7 kg/ 144.5 lbs) VS. Honorio Banario (65.8 kg/ 144.8 lbs)

Rey Docyogen (56.5 kg/ 124.3 lbs) VS. Shinichi Kojima (56.6 kg/124.5 lbs)
Vuyisile Colossa (69.6 kg/ 153.1 lbs) VS. Lowen Tynanes (69.7 kg/ 153.3 lbs)
Leo Krishna (70.1 kg/ 154.2 lbs) VS. Peter Davis (70.3 kg/ 154.7 lbs)
Zuli Silawanto (77.1 kg/ 169.6 lbs) VS. Adam Kayoom (76.6 kg/ 168.5 lbs)
Thanh Vu (60.8 kg/ 133.8 lbs) VS Mohd Fouzein (61.2 kg/ 134.6 lbs)
Raymond Tiew (65.8 kg/ 144.8 lbs) VS. Melvin Yeoh (65.2 kg/ 143.4lbs)
AJ Lias Mansor (65.1 kg/ 143.2 lbs) VS. Jian Kai Chee (65.3 kg/ 143.7 lbs)

Gianni Subba (56.2 kg/ 123.6 lbs) VS. Saiful Merican (59 kg/ 129.8 lbs)
Jake Butler (92.8 kg/ 204.1 lbs) VS. Antoni Romulo (92.7 kg/ 204 lbs)

Notes: Regarding the weight classes, UFC’s featherweight division is within 136-145 lbs (62 to 66 kgs). Shooto limits competitors to 132 lbs (60 kg). The defunct Dream MMA limited competitors to 139 lbs (63 kg).

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