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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kaya's Saba Garmaroudi on being the #1 pick of the Clear Dream Match Draft

Kaya goalkeeper Saba Sadeghi Garmaroudi on the distinction of being the first ever player selected in the inaugural Clear Dream Match:
Well, it’s a great feeling to be the first player selected by Phil Younghusband and I think it shows that how important is goalie in football. But I don’t believe that I’m better than other keepers like (Loyola’s) Ref Cuaresma and (Green Archers’) Patrick Deyto. They are great keepers but I’m really happy that Phil trusts me in guarding the goal. And I hope to show my abilities to everyone on Saturday especially to James.

On being a part of a fund-raiser for children:
I’m really excited to play in this game because I’m still young and its really good to play in a big charity game at this age. I hope we have a very good crowd.

On that first Team Phil practice:
We just practiced once with the team and that was good for me because that was the first time to  with Phil and some other players. It’s a new experience for me.

On his side winning:
I’m sure we will win because we’ve got great players on the team. And I’m sure James knows already that we will win the game.

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