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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On that 2-2 draw between the Philippines & Indonesia

This one says it all. For flag and country. The Younghusband brothers to the emotional rescue.
Multiple Choice(s)
How do you really feel about that 2-2 draw between the Philippines and Indonesia?
by rick olivares pic by brosi gonzales

The match between the Philippines and Indonesia that ended in a 2-2 draw left me:
       a)    Happy because we got a good result from Indonesia for the first time in ages.
      b)    Dissatisfied because we could have beaten the Merah Putih had we gone with our best   eleven to start the match.
      c)    Bewildered because I wonder if we are shooting ourselves in the foot with off-field issues.
      d)    Thinking that this is one step back and two steps forward.
      e)    All of the above.

I am not going to sugarcoat this. If I did, I am doing everyone a disservice. My answer is --- e) all of the above.

There’s that famous poster that appeared on the office wall of The X-Files’ Fox Mulder  where there’s a Unidentified Flying Object with a slogan that reads: “I want to believe.”

Well, I do believe in the Philippine Men’s National Football Team and let’s make that very clear. I have and always will. And I have been covering them for the longest time more than anyone not named Jack Biantan (my Back Four Bum mate Cedelf Tupas and I came on board almost around the same time). And that’s through the losing and teeth gnashing years, bud. What I want to believe is that last night’s 2-2 result was all part of the master plan. Really.

If previous to the match, the intention was to test the Azkals’ character, new tactics, and combinations on the field then I am fine with it. International friendlies after all are designed to give new call ups experience and exposure and for teams to try out new schemes.

To wit: the majority of the French national team was suspended following their disastrous 2010 World Cup stint and in their first international friendly, this time under Laurent Blanc, Les Bleus lost 2-1 to Norway. The French public knew that it was a different team on the pitch but the result was nevertheless galling and unacceptable.

With regards to the Azkals, head coach Hans Michael Weiss has the right and responsibility to play whom he feels is best. Although I may second guess some of the decisions some of the time, I will respect that. Conversely, the second year national head coach must live with the feedback, commentary, and repercussions of those decisions. It’s part and parcel of accepting praise and it cannot be a one way street.

My point is, if the coach feels that he is trying out new combinations should certain players be unavailable for the upcoming Suzuki Cup, then why are we not giving the locally based players a chance?

For sure I love the quality of Jerry Lucena, Dennis Cagara (he was great in last night’s match), Manny Ott, Paul Mulders, Stephan Schrock, and the others. But as we’ve seen, our club schedule differs from that of Europe. Most of the foreign-based players are not available when certain competitions come around. Are we certain that they will be available for the Suzuki Cup? As it is uncertain then why not work with the locally based players more? It makes more sense to utilize them more because they are readily available and that makes it easier to build cohesion.

I am not saying we do not include players like Cagara or Lucena but let’s go with a lineup that will train together for the next five months. Why don’t we borrow from the idea of Smart Gilas Pilipinas where that team was kept together for three years? We have done our scouting for players from all over the world and we already have what is close to our “Dream Team.” If there is anyone we are not sure of with their commitment let’s go with someone who can really commit.

Indonesia’s head coach Nil Maizar said that a huge advantage for his team is that all his players come from their local leagues and whether playing with or against each other that helps with familiarity.

On the other hand, many have left our local camp angry and swearing not to play for the national team again citing biases and the lack of opportunities. Anto Gonzales played well in the camp. He was repeatedly praised by the coach from what I was told. So why was he not there? If you ask me, he would have helped last night’s starting eleven by organizing their attack. He does that so well and shame on you if you missed Loyola’s recent match with Geylang in the Singapore Cup where he did much more than was ever shown on television and I kid you not. That is why during the first match of the last UFL Cup between Stallion and Diliman, the latter’s game plan was to “take out” Gonzales. He is one of three pure playmakers in the United Football League outside Pachanga’s Ousseynou Diop and Global’s Angel Guirado (I’d make a case for Stallion’s Francis Gustilo but his confidence and form have dropped sharply since the UFL Cup).

Lexton Moy has done a great job of bring up that ball yet he has sat of late. Marwin Angeles has talent but last night was lacking in ideas and resoluteness. Manny Ott tried to bring it up but where were the receivers? Obviously, Ott works so well with Stephan Schrock in the midfield.

Although we dominated the first half, we flirted with disaster before the Younghusband brothers’ emotional rescue.

Sure. Coach’s decision. But mind all of you, in last night’s post-match press conference, both sides said that they will all have to live with the results.

Should players tweet (imagine that “word” is now a “verb) before a match?
      a)    Yes, but if it is related to their “job” then it must exercised under strict guidance.
      b)    No, if not, then they deal with the repercussions of what they tweet.
      c)    Leave them be. It’s a free country.

On the morning of match day, the Azkals’ Neil Etheridge tweeted that he was “just disappointed that I won’t be starting today.” According to Bob Guerrero and Craig Burrows, fans began to tweet their feelings and thoughts about the switch.

When Stephan Schrock suddenly left the Philippines due to a family emergency, the PFF managed that so well that it hardly dripped with any speculation and controversy. By the time, the official statement about his departure came out on the Azkals website, the entire media team of the match had managed the situation well.

When rumors spread that the Younghusband brothers were not starting that added to all the pre-match speculation.

I believe that is something that should be kept under wraps and could be a pre-game distraction that the team and the supporters do not need. 

The night before the match, I blundered my way into that info about the goalkeeping situation. While lining up for the buffet dinner, I asked, “Hey, where’s Neil (I was supposed to talk to him)?”

Every one fell silent with all eyes on me. “Etheridge. You know? The big dude who plays for Fulham?” Still silence.

Roland Muller, who was next to me, said in a hushed tone, “Uh, I… am starting tomorrow…”

I felt like an idiot as a knot developed somewhere in my stomach. “Hey, guys. I hear the pasta is real good. Let’s eat!” So I sat next to Rafa Garcia talking about the Indonesian team’s late night forays and their search for the best lechon in Manila. Nevertheless, I told myself that I am not going to tweet or write anything about who is starting and who is not (I already knew the brothers were not starting as well). That would have been highly irresponsible on my part.

I felt and still feel bad for Neil. He is the country’s number one goalkeeper. I remember the day he took over from Louie Casas at goal during the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers and you could see the confidence in the lad. I came away saying (and I am sure so did many others), “Damn. We have a world class keeper who can tend the nets for a long time to come.” Etheridge kept three clean sheets in his three matches and it was a smashing debut for him. He’s saved our bacon on many occasions with terrific goal tending. Sure there have been howlers but it happens to the best of them.

I have the jerseys of many national players but the first one I had with a name on the back was “Etheridge.”

In his return to action following the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup, Neil had his friends from England in town to watch him… come off the bench and then concede two goals.

Imagine that. Muller did so well and Neil comes in and Indonesia scores two goals. That has to hurt and I felt so crushed for the dude. What does that do for his confidence? Imagine him waiting and waiting for a chance with Fulham and in the one team where he’s starting and has done a fantastic job and this happens.

To cut to the chase and to return to the question, maybe the players should not be allowed to tweet about game matters. I have no idea of how matters are communicated to the players but if the players’ reactions are any indication, they are not. This is where I believe that national team manager Dan Palami should step in. I know he has been so busy of late, but he can pull this team together.

You know in those days of 2010 when this team was battling the PFF, Dan was the glue that held that team together. Without his resources, his insistence on breaking down barriers between the foreign and local based players, his shielding the team from politics, and his belief in the team, this current spotlight on football in the Philippines would have not happened. If the players were troubled about something, Dan was Mr. Fix It.

A coach’s intuition is something that can work both good and bad. In a cross sport reference, remember when then-Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson called for Bulls rookie Toni Kukoc to take the last shot with 1.8 seconds left and Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals tied at 102-all with the New York Knicks. The Bull’s star, Scottie Pippen was incensed that the play was not designed for him and he decided to take a seat on the bench. Kukoc hit the game winning shot and Pippen was pilloried for being selfish.

More recently, former Liverpool coach Kenny Dalglish was questioned for his late introduction of Andy Carroll in the FA Cup Finals against Chelsea where the former team lost, 2-1. Carroll was playing well of late and his entry galvanized Liverpool. But it was too late for the Reds to further cut into the lead of the Blues.

Hey, it’s an imperfect world and no one can read the future, but certainly, there are some things that can be managed such as communicating matters better that could disrupt team harmony.

I’ll leave this question (and with all due respect to the players on our national team) with that old World War II slogan of “loose lips sink ships” in reference to people loosely talking about troop movements, gun emplacements etcetera etcetera etcetera. Let’s keep certain things in the family. My answer is a) Yes but under strict guidance.

What does this draw say about our national team?
      a)    We still have work to do.
      b)    We are getting there. At least we aren’t getting blown out.
      c)    We are competitive and now have a fighting chance.
      d)    All of the above.

My answer is once more -- d) all of the above.

Consider this first, in the last few matches against our Suzuki Cup foes, we lost 2-0 to Singapore, drew twice with Malaysia and now drew with a young Indonesian team who came away looking like winners last night.

The first half reminded me of the way we played against Vietnam during the 2010 Suzuki Cup – sit back and hit them on the counter.

Indonesia was playing defensively in the first half. We were aggressive and looking dangerous. However, there was no serious build-up and the only ideas we had on offense were a chip over Indonesia’s back four or a long ball.

Clearly, this Merah Putih side was beatable yet they scored first. They had few opportunities yet they made the most out of it. The right back position – just as it was against Malaysia – gave us all sorts of problems. Patrick Wanggai was left unmarked from there and Irfan Bachdim outsprinted everyone from that position as well.

This match should serve as a lesson not only to the coaching staff but also to the players that we really have to get our act together when playing for the country. Windows are open only for so long before it closes (but then again another one will open).

It’s an exciting time for Philippine football. Interest is growing and the sport will never look back. It’s great that we are no longer on the receiving end of blowouts. And for the first time, we are expecting wins.

As Coach Mike said in the day prior to the match, this is dangerous because we all have to be patient. Point taken.

At the end of the day, it is more than putting a “Dream Team” on the pitch. There is so much that needs doing and fixing from within.

And like everyone else, I remain a faithful supporter.


The day before the match, while watching the press conference for the contract signing between Puma and the Azkals, I sat beside Coach Mike to talk about stuff. There he mentioned (and not off the record I have to say) about making surprise starts and non-starts the following day. Although he didn't say who he hoped that people took national team business a little more seriously. I tried to probe a little more but he said I'll just have to wait and see it unfold. I still think a coach makes decisions based on what he feels right. I hope I made it very clear above that these things have to be communicated well. If not, it's a recipe for disaster.


There are many more things that cannot be said at the moment. All I can say is -- in time.


  1. As always, a great read, sir.

  2. I feel sad for Neil. very sad.

  3. i agree on the tweeting part i think they should not be allowed to tweet days before the match and game day.

  4. Well, Gilas 2.0 is different as they have a telco supporting them. :D I hope they earn too much to support another NT. Hehehe.

    The result last night was totally disappointing. Really disappointed for another draw. For days, the news was that we have the best team possible assembled in years. Didn't happen. My gulay, why on Earth would you bench the Younghusbands and Lucena and Etheridge for this friendly, and against the Indonesians. Seriously? Well, Muller did a very good job. But first half offense was just so disgusting to watch.
    We still have Guam to defeat and so lowly, the U22 can beat them. Why not experiment on that? *Sigh.

    1. Telco? The national team has financial support. The point I was making was to keep the team together. As for the Younghusbands not starting, that was because they were late to practice. But that's kind of thin when Dennis Cagara didn't practice at all. But as Coach Mike said, he wanted to test the team's character. That's up to people whether they agree or believe it. Hence, my thoughts.

  5. Bottom line : Muller did a very good job as GK and Etheridge conceded 2 goals! Was Coach W right tin starting Mueller? You be the judge... Etheridge did well in the "past" but take a look at how many goals he has conceded the past few games! Ans try looking at his attitude when he concedes a goal. Haven't you wondered why Fulham hasn't given him a "break" in the EPL, W/ OR W/O its more senior GKs? Maybe , it's time to consider long term effectiveness of Etheridge and start looking at "options" on the GK slot...About last night's game: the 1st half was played better but the 2nd half , while we scored goals , was a disaster! 2nd half DEFENSIVE BREAKDOWN!

    1. In fairness to Neil, we can't really say that Muller had a better performance. As we've seen last night, there are many chances by the Indonesian offense in the second half compared to the first.

      About Fulham not giving him a break... but of course, they still have Schwarzer and Stockdale.

    2. The fact is Muller had a clean slate while Etheridge conceded 2 goals! Nobody said "Muller had a better performance" vis-avis Etheridge.

      As to more offensive chances by Indonesia in the 2nd half compared to the first, don't you think the Azkals' defense just "dipped" disastrously although their offense "spiked" a bit? True , the game got more exciting in the 2nd half BUT at the expense of defensive discipline!

      As to Etheridge at Fulham , it's getting very obvious that he will not get his start because their ranked 1 or 2 GKs are much more senior and better than him. Question: why hasn't Etheridge been given his EPL break if he was really that good given EPL standards?

    3. No doubt Muller played well. The goals were the result of defensive lapses. As I said, we got killed in the right back position. With regards to Fulham, I don't know what goes on there so it is difficult to comment about that. Just because a person is a third string keeper that doesn't mean there's no quality. Think about this -- in Barcelona, there was a logjam in the midfield. Cesc Fabregas wasn't the only one to leave. And there are young guns waiting to take over from Iniesta and company. But when will that happen? So some leave. That begs the question so why does Neil stay with Fulham? Maybe he likes it there and it comfortable. Maybe he knows he has a chance soon. I'd really rather not go into that. The bottom line, we should have beaten a weak Indonesia team.

  6. the point here is why would you experiment against a team that beats u during the suzuki cup. indonesia live and die with football powerhouse in SEA. we have to prove to them that we can beat them including malaysia n singapore.if we want to make a statement or let them notice us is to beat these teams.unfortunately we cannot.the performance we had against these team was disaaponting. the experimatation should be done against guam not ind. putting PYH on the bench was not a good idea i mean wolf is like inzaghi a poacher he needs phil besides him to make creativity on attack play them side by side like del piero n inzaghi putting wolf alone the attack is lacking in depth. we drew with lower ranking good for us beating guam doesnt make sense at all

  7. Mr. Olivares I beg to disagree with you. They are a team and must be considered as a team. It is always said there is "I" in a team.
    Yes, Etheridge is our No. 1 goal keeper but this is a chance for our wise coach, Coach "Weiss" to expand his options. Lives and dies with his decision.
    To play in the NT is a privelege and honor for a football player whether Filipino or Fil-foreign with talents. I imagine for me just to suit up the flag is an honor.
    Everyone has to think of the team and has to think as a team in moving forward.
    Unfortunately, two goals were scored against Neil, but the team as a whole is to be blamed both first goal and second goal.
    But fortunatly we scored also two goals as a team.
    Pls. stop insinuating these things, I know it is your right to write it but the NT is a team which includes the coaches, management, players and fans as a whole. PHILIPPINE TEAM.
    Suporta lang pare. Wag nang maghati-hati.
    Alam ko si Neil pa din ang No.1 option nya.
    Tactic ni coach Weiss yan.

    1. Coach Mike did tell me the day before that he was going to try something and not everyone may agree with it. That is fine. If you read it correctly, the problem lies in communicating exactly that. Maybe because English is not the first language of Coach Mike or not, it does not get across properly. Stop insinuating? Your ignorance is appalling. I am not defending Neil. Like I said, who starts is the coach's prerogative. When Neil came in his confidence was shot. It didn't help that the defending at that point was poor. That is why I wrote that after that Neil looked bad.

    2. The game was not just about Niel's confidence but about the team's game and confidence...GKs who concede goals will really look bad because that's what GKs are for- to stop the opponent from scoring at the last line of defense.A player's ego is subordinate to long term team morale and welfare!

  8. Instead of bringing the whole dream team from Europe (Lucena,Schrock,Cagara, Maulders) which are not always sure of playing crucial games like AFF Suzuki Cup or Challenge Cup. Why not just invite one or two guys per friendly game and just continue with previous squad from Challenge Cup for cohesion and better offense. Or better yet, just bring guys to fill the position that we are weak at like forwards.

    1. much better,kasi mas maganda yong solid ang laro nila kaysa magmukha silang dreamteam pero matatalo naman..

  9. I agree 100 % . If the purpose of these friendlies is mainly the coming Suzuki Cup this December, then the first thing to do is find out who can really make it for Suzuki. Then make these friendlies revolve around the players who commit. What's the use of playing someone Vs malaysia indonesia or guam if he can't play in Suzuki anyway?

    Suzuki 2012 will be the yardstick by which everyone will measure whether the Azkals have indeed improved significantly. Expectations will be high - what would be considered an accomplishment would be reaching the finals - minimum. . The team and coaching staff will just have to accept that, be motivated by it, and rise to the occasion.

    1. Still, I think we should not overcommit with the Fil-foreigenrs, but we need them to increase the level of play and honestly, it can boost the morale of some local players playing with top-tiered players abroad.

  10. its clearly seen, The players are being affected emotionally with what they have in the back of their mind. mostly this are the things that affects the quality of their play. They could have done better, Coach Weiss is right, everything should be put in Balance, this test or i say friendly games that we had between The Malaysia and Indonesia are signs that we still lacking of something in having a great team , i do believe in them and support them all the way... We have good players, a very talented players, what they lack is the cohesiveness,the support for each other, they may be on the field or in the bench, so what? they are still a team, they should support each other, I am quite disappointed but will never disbelieve in them, It may step them one backward but i know they'll step up twice forward, hope to see the guys play the next game with a lot of support for each other, Morally, emotionally and Professionally... By the way Nice Blog, like it :))

  11. I think the cohesiveness is there. The talent is there. What they lack is proper leadership on the pitch. The selection of Caligdong as team captain is something that still boggles the mind and to some extent bothers me.

    He is too selfish, as evident on the first half when instead of passing it to a rushing Wolf, he decides to flick the ball over two defenders only for the keeper to deflect it. Good effort on winning that ball, but poor decision on trying to be a hero. Does he have some sort of quota, that he has to score every game? What kind of leadership is that? I would not follow someone who is too selfish.

    Then in the second half he got into a shoving match with Irfan. Cost him a red card, and also cost Ott a red card too! Does he use his head at all? He is too volatile as a captain. Is it because of his shyness? His lack of communication skills that manifests into violent, or aggressive outburst? Look man, I think your out of line there, I dont know how to put it in words so I'll just have to shove you, get the message? Good Lord!

    How does Weiss pick his captains? Is it because Caligdong is a local, therefore he automatically get the armband? By virtue of birth? I hope not!

    What about the other players that provide real inspiration, rally his troops, talk to his team mates on the pitch, have the experience on a high level and play good football consistently like James or Phil Younghusband, Rob Gier, Paul Mulders and Dennis Cagara? Yes Dennis Cagara was inspirational that night. He talks to his teammates, give them support, fights for the ball. Even though hes always unavailable, when he shows up he really shows up. You feel like he knows the team so well, knows what his teammates are going to do etc. Dont they deserve to be captain too? Even Neil Etheridge would make a good captain because he is not afraid to yell at his team mates when they are out of line.

    If Weiss will try some outrageous formation or line up changes, at least assign captaincy to a more capable player.

  12. Sadly, the Azkals-haters have been SUCCESSFUL in chipping away at the team's popularity, especially in Manila. The evidence is that disappointing turn out at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum (RMS) for the Azkals home game. IF the Azkals want to have a full-house, then it will have to go to the bailiwick of Football, which is Panaad.

    The game next week will be against a lesser team, the ticket prices will be higher, but I predict it will be a sell out, unlike in the RMS. I hope Panaad will be improved later like RMS, with an Artificial Pitch, etc.

    I did not like Neil Etheridge's attittude when he learned he was not starting. He put out a lot of negative tweets before the game, indicating that he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. So it is ironic that it was during his watch when the Azkals conceded two goals to the Indonesians.

    I have to admit at being VERY disappointed with the result. This was a weak Indonesian squad, we had a strong lineup, and we were playing at home, and yet we could only settle for a draw. I am more disappointed in the players than Weiss. Weiss gave them the playing time to prove their worth, and they fell flat.

    1. "I did not like Neil Etheridge's attittude when he learned he was not starting. He put out a lot of negative tweets before the game, indicating that he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. So it is ironic that it was during his watch when the Azkals conceded two goals to the Indonesians." AGREE 110% , THERE'S NO PLACE FR AN "i" IN THE TEAM; Only "WE"! Etheridge's attitude is dangerous...

  13. As I said, it is not fair to blame Weiss for the mediocre result. He gave the other Azkals a chance to show their wares, as this was supposed to be a strong Azkals team against a weak Indonesian squad. And despite the chances shown to these other players, they all fell flat.

    1. AGREE ! The thing is ,"Players win games , coaches lose them"!

  14. Why don't the PFF form an AZKALS TEAM B, then, which will be composed of local players from the UFL? Then let that team, play against foreign teams. This will be a way to let the other players truly prove their worth in the international field.

  15. After reading the articles and articles and the comments, it gave me a wide spectrum as to WHY I BECAME a fan.

    I'm actually shocked that someone would leave a camp swearing not to play for the NT again. A general thought - I suppose that it happens to any NT or even a club, and puting talent and biases aside, why not work your butt off until you get that golden chance? If we say we lack cohesiveness then why not translate that to actual HARD WORK? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that suppose to be? Unless that HARD WORK is actually being shrugged off or being denied recognition, then I'll say otherwise.

    As to Neil, I pity the guy. Personally, if i was benched because of non-play from previous matches and what not, I would also feel dissappointed, but still, I go for "Neil-is-our-first-choice-GK".

    Dream Team. Isn't it nice to beat strong teams, that the other side still thinks that "whipping boys" would not be at par? Dissappointed that that wasn't the case, for me atleast. My supposed dream team - the line-up that we had against sri lanka. Imagine that line-up beating Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia.....*sigh*

    Yes. Coach's prerogative. Haha. I actually don't have anything to say about this. :) a fan, I wonder. We have the right to demand wins from our NT since we're experiencing growth in the sport. I can also agree that to keep fans watching the NT or any sport for that matter is to bring home the W. But aren't we forcing them to be THAT PERFECT that they may break? Aren't we asking TOO MUCH of them?


  16. The 2 conceded goals in 2nd half was not Neil's fault at all. Even Roland will not be able to save those goals. Luckily it did not happen to Roland or else you band wagoners will CRUCIFY Muller too!! When a team lose, a team lose as a team not because of one player. Everyone should be reminded that four years ago without the 18 y.o. starter Neil, the AZKALS won't be where it is now. Philippines is so lucky that we have Etheridge, Muller and Sacapano who can cover when one is not available due to club commitments, injuries or was sent off.

    When you're an athlete, you want to compete. YOU WANT THE BALL! Neil is very competitive and that's exactly what we want from athletes to win. He is just BIG but still a kid at a young age of 22. He got wrist injury in the recent Challenge Cup few months ago competing for us where for the first time in history we got bronze, the injury that can risk his career and livelihood from Fulham. Did he complain? What else do you want???

    You band wagoners STOP these idiotic TeamRoland this or TeamNeil that. You are sounding so effing gays and girl groupies instead of
    The captaincy should be the most senior and always available. If Chieffy can command a PHL Airforce unit why on hell he won't command a civilian football team? Leave Chieffy alone people! He was a leader in the sense, his cool head prevailed over the young volatile Irfan Bachdim. A good soldier and a good team member resort to non-violent negotiation.

    Now you true Azkal fans, go on march, fill the stadium and support our National Team.

    Rick, can you please ask Mr. Palami why they choose Chicago not New York Red Bulls come August friendlies? There are millions of filipinos in the Tristate area to fill up the NJ stadium. Real Madrid will play against AC Milan or Inter for the first time in YANKEE Stadium, hope to see Azkals play there too one day.

    1. SIRA ULO! Chieffy can command an airforce unit why on hell he won't command a civilian football team? SO NASAAN ANG LEADERSHIP NA DURING THAT FOOTBALL GAME?!




      SECOND WAS HIS CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE WHAMMY BWAKAW, WHEREIN HE HAD OPTIONS LEFT TO RIGHT PERO PINILIT NIYA THEN NUNG NA BLOCK AT BUMALIK SA KANYA EH AYUN PINILIT ULIT! ANONG KLASENG CAPTAIN YAN! IF I WERE HIS TEAM-MATE THERE'S NO WAY I'D SUPPORT A CAPTAIN WHO ONLY HAS EYES FOR HIMSELF AND NOT FOR HIS TEAM-MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. No! The captaincy is not based on seniority alone. Performance, leadership, even gift of gab etc etc is needed.

      What makes you sure he is a high ranking officer in the PAF? But, that is irrelevant.

      If he is who you say he is, then maybe he is needed more in the PAF to help resolve the Spratly's issue.

      What a moron.

    3. RE - Chieffy

      What cool head? He was the one who initiated the fight that lead to him and Manny Ott getting red cards and missing their next game. Did you even watch the game? Have you watched their previous matches? Do you really WATCH them when they play? Maybe your one of those fan boys who are too busy jumping up and down losing their undies in the process. Watch their games, and observe Caligdong carefully.

    4. Ok I got it! Calm down! I watched it here in the US in the wee hours. Too bad the only live streaming I had was from the Indons. It was choppy with delayed telecast. To say the least, jumpy. I watched it again yesterday from the FB link MAYBE or JUST MAYBE the camera missed to show the entire scuffle. What was shown was Bachdim reacting way too much and Chieffy has calm demeanor.
      With Chieffy being a ball hog, the camera angle was really bad that I couldn't see the entire half of the pitch while attacking. I read people's comments about it but refused to concur unless I see the entire scenario.

      Anyway Capt. Aly Borromeo should be in the mix real soon. AND, the effing camera man/men were taking shots of spectators WAY TOO LONG! Seriously, if the management chose let's say the Younghusbands over the only homegrown in the first XI who has seniority and available critics, politics WILL REACT VIOLENTLY.

    5. Nope I'm a Fil-american girl who actually play 4 different sports and watch LIVE sports in different stadium here in the US
      and in different countries .
      I already replied to the above upper case trigger happy person. I watched the game via Indons live streaming which was very choppy, delayed and jumpy. The entire scuffle and ball hogging of Chieffy were poorly shown. Anyway, speaking for myself as a fil-am I really felt that captaincy should be give to the senior homegrown player to avoid VIOLENT REACTION from certain RACISTS media people and other critics of foreign based players. Hey, we filipinos outside the Philippines know our place when we go home.

  17. Really? Chippy can command a civilian football team? really?! as in really?! the team certainly felt his presence and leadership there. LOL
    si Cagara di namin randam ang parang siya pa ang captain po. LOL

    Chippy's cool head prevailed? really?! as in really?! eh siya nga nagsimula ng gulo eh. sino ba sa atin manunulak ng tao kung "cool ang head" natin? LOL




    1. Chieffy, Chippy, Cheapy same thing. I prefer Cheapy though it reflects his quality.

      Where's Bob Guerrero? Come out you nuthugger I want to speak to you.