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Thursday, May 3, 2012

On ticket prices to Azkals matches and other thoughts

Over the past two years where I've served as media officer and handled public relations for the Philippine Men's Football National Team and the Philippine Football Federation, one of the most discussed aspects of organizing a local match is ticket pricing. Believe me when I say that the PFF officials and the Local Organizing Committee have and still do discuss this issue ad infinitum. We also discuss and debate matters on food, water, items to be banned or allowed inside the venue etc. It is a tedious process where we try to do things in the best interests of the Philippine football and the public. One must however realize that hosting an international football match entails a lot of expenses and requirements. The host country always shoulders all the costs including that of the visiting team. Like any visiting pop star, there are riders to take care of and that is a task and a half. There are also expenses on venue rental, repairs and maintenance etc. Believe me when I say that if we could really lower prices then we'd gladly do so but it is simply impossible. But we also try to make it up in others ways by organizing meet and greets, coming up with giveaways, and freebies. 

After the match against Icheon Citizen from Korea, I made two suggestions to the LOC: one, that we hold a pep and cheer rally for the national team, and two, that we also hold a home match in Panaad, Bacolod. The first one we were able to achieve. The second, well, it is in the works. 

One other project that I am really trying to work on is the media accreditation and the creation of formal and year-round media ID. It's something that we hope will be able to fly soon when I concretize the development plan as well as its budget. The idea is to have one ID that will serve as the official ID for all PFF-sanctioned events in a calendar year. That will save the federation a lot of money and time and effort. As it is, it's a bloody waste of time and money printing new ID/AD cards for every match. You see, my dad taught me not to be wasteful with money. Maybe that is why I am able to stretch my PR budget at work from a period of one year to 15-16 months. Haha. The downside of that is my bosses will not increase my budgets for the following year. Argh. To be caught between a rock and a hard place. 

So keep it glued here and in the sites and newspapers of my fellow media as we try to provide more info and services for our home games. Now let's all go out and support the growth of the beautiful game in this country.

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