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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reflections on the first season of the Ateneo Football League

The Ateneo Football League was something I wanted to organize as far back as 2006. I tried with some people but it never worked out. It took until last year when I worked with a good friend of mine, Rely San Agustin, to get this up and running. Some people ask if it was because of the success of the Azkals why we got it jumpstarted. Actually, no. Rels and I were working on a project that is similar to the current Seaoil All-Star High School Game (based on the McDonald's All-American) but we had trouble with the NCAA (the UAAP by the way was very cooperative). When it looked like we were at an impasse, we decided to push the AFL ahead of schedule (which is our second project). 

Former Ateneo Lady Eagle Sam Santiago (second from left) reflects on the maiden season of the Ateneo Football League: The AFL was a great opportunity for me to get back to playing the sport I love -- football. It was a fantastic time for me to be able to play with old teammates I missed playing with, and to play with those who were batches ahead of me  but what amazed me the most was the reception the tournament got from the Ateneo community. A lot of teams from different brackets participated which showed how everyone was interested in the sport. The games were competitive although some matches were pretty heated and intense (because we were in the same bracket as the boys), I’m looking forward to the next AFL tournament already!

Psykicks FC with Ebong Joson (aka The Blue Haired Fanatic), Paolo Bediones and Bob Guerrero.
Da voice says: AFL na!

Advertising and broadcast man Bob Guerrero was the goalkeeper for Psykicks FC. This is what the Voice of the Azkals had to say about the first season of the AFL: The AFL was a great experience because the competition was hard but always in a good spirit. It was a fun way to stay in shape. It was also heartening to see so many older guys who hadn't played football in so long, rediscovering their love for the Beautiful Game. I can't wait ‘til the 2012 season!

Current Blue Booter James Arco (wearing #20 in the picture above) on his first season in the AFL: The first season of the AFL was a great success, attracting many Ateneans who love the game of football. The maiden voyage was smooth, organized and had a great turnout. The AFL is a great place to find friendly competition and to get a great workout while having fun! It's an event where you have the chance to meet new friends and also bond with current ones. The AFL was bringing Ateneans from different generations closer as a community. The tournament was such a hit that the most asked question was, "when's the 2nd season going to start?" I can only expect a bigger and better second season. See you on the pitch. Cheers!

For more info on WHO CAN PLAY, WHAT TEAMS, and RULES & REGULATIONS, check out Send us feedback on your participation at or We also have a Facebook page: Ateneo Football League. 

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