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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Q&A with LBC's Santi Araneta on Dili kamo nag-iisa Jan. 7 game between Azkals Alyansa and Internacional de Madrid

This is an interview conducted with LBC Big Boss Santi Araneta regarding "Dili kamo nag-iisa". We will feature interviews with different people involved in the charity match leading up to match day.

Q: When you watched or read about the first reports of the devastation and toll of Typhoon Sendong, how did you feel? What emotions and thoughts came to you?

Santi Araneta: First, I thought "not again". Our country has been battered too much already.  Then I saw how bad the devastation was from the news reports and felt sad that this was just a week before Christmas. I realized we had to act quickly and do whatever we can in our capacity to help them. 

Q: Why is the DILI KAMO NAG-IISA Jan. 7 match important? Why a football match and why does the game invoke so much passion? 

Santi Araneta: It is important that during times like these we pool our resources together for a common goal which is to aid and show community spirit, a united force when faced with a situation that affects all of us as a country, as a nation. Why football? Because it takes a team not an individual to win a game. This is symbolic of our own efforts to help out. We need to do it together so everyone wins. The passion comes because you play your heart out for ninety minutes and all it takes is one goal to win the entire game, that "one" goal becomes so elusive. Imagine that, eleven players, ninety minutes just for a single goal. 

Q: How did the match between the Azkals and friends and CF Madrid come about? 

Santi Araneta: It all started when Chris Greatwich sent a bunch of us a message wondering what us football people can do to help. I know we all do our share in our own little way, but we wanted to use our influence in the football community to be able to gain the most support.  

Q: As youngsters -- when we were all in school -- did you ever help out in relief efforts of any sort? If you did, can you share an anecdote about this?

Santi Araneta: Yes, I remember being a part of the relief efforts for the Mt. Pinatubo eruption as well as for Typhoon Ondoy. We sorted and repacked donations and relief goods and helped with the distribution of these goods directly to the victims. It was all at once a humbling yet uplifting and heartwarming experience. 

Q: What does it mean for you to participate in an event like this where you are helping out in an incredible relief effort?

Santi Araneta: It is very fulfilling and of course the more successful the event is the better for all the victims. It will be the most meaningful match we've ever organized and I feel very blessed to be a part of it and am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. 

Q: How will the monies earned from this event be distributed? 

Santi Araneta: Everything earned prior to the game such as ticket sales through Ticketworld outlets. And an auction of player memorabilia will be collected by LBC Foundation which will then be presented to the Philippine Red Cross. Earnings from the telethon on the other hand will be given to ABS-CBN Foundation. Everything of course for the benefit of the typhoon Sendong victims.

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