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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DLSU Men's Football team walks out following controversial non-call

In the above picture, a UNO-R player blocks DLSU keeper Patrick Deyto's kick. In the photo below, another UNO-R player pounces on the ball but Deyto will stop this. It would be UNO-R player #7 who would score the controversial goal. Both photos are by Brosi Gonzales (please do not use without permission). DLSU protest letter courtesy of Hans Smit.

DLSU Men's Football team walks out following controversial non-call.
by rick olivares

ROXAS CITY, CAPIZ -- The De La Salle Men's Football team walked out its match with University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos this morning at the muddy Villareal Stadium in Roxas City following a controversial non-call that led to a goal.

In the 40th minute of the match, a UNO-R player blocked a kick by La Salle goalkeeper Patrick Deyto. Two UNO-R players immediately pounced on the loose ball with one of them able to kick the ball towards the empty net. Deyto, but the fourth year La Salle keeper, was able to stop the first shot but the second UNO-R attacker was able to finish the job.

La Salle players on the field immediately protested to the referee who according to Green Archers head coach Hans Smit did not see the play. As the referee counted the goal, Smit immediately pulled his team from the field.

Smit immediately filed a letter of protest to football tournament commissioner Jaime Nicolau III. Wrote Smit: “The 1st Assistant Referee saw this but didn’t also make any call (which was his duty and responsibility to do so) and this resulted in a goal for UNO-R which the referee awarded WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED! This is a clear violation on obstruction and non-protection of a goalkeeper!”

Added Smit in an interview: "It was pure incompetence on the part of the officials. There were also a lot of fouls and hard tackles due to their inefficient and inconsistent calls. I hope they can do the right thing with this appeal."

In La Salle’s first match in the football competition of the 16th University Games, the Green Archers drew with brother school University of St. La Salle 1-1.

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  1. its the gkeeper who is at fault here, he should have delayed releasing the ball knowing that there is an opposing player near him.
    there is a 6second rule but that is disregarded when the keeper is being pressured by an attacking player.

  2. Such a bunch of whiners

  3. Coach Hans is always and forever be complaining and complaining and complaining and complaining.

    Winners keep quiet as losers find something to bark about. :)

  4. DLSU, i remember what you did against CPU last tournament.

  5. everyone hating like "la salle, pweh!".. your just mad because you will never be part of the DLSU mens team. DLSU went on to win it because the are the best team there. Btw Coach Hans knows what he is talking about so he has the rite. people like you dont know half of what he knows. HATERS GONNA HATE i guess