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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Asics Gel-Trail Attack 7

I joined Yannick Tuason and Chaddy Pacana at a quick trip to the Marina Mall in Salmiya, Kuwait City. They were going to buy shoes at The Athlete’s Foot where they were getting a massive discount on stuff.

Chaddy and I both picked up the same shoe -- the Asics Gel-Trail Attack 7 “Bumblebee”.

It’s touted for its enhanced cushioning and durability, as it is primarily an off-road shoe with a rock protection plate to guard against bruises. So those maybe taking off-road triathlon – shameless plug here for Xterra – this is a marvelous shoe. Plus it weighs only 336 grams.

The webbing gives your feet some air so you never feel hot in them. The GEL Cushioning System absorbs most of the impact and the construction of the shoe is such that it decreases midsole breakdown. Never thought these kicks technology could get so complicated, huh?

Now I don’t really get running shoes as I have a preference for cross trainers or tennis shoes. Besides I was recently gifted with the Mizuno Wave Rider 14. Incidentally, that was my first ever pair of Mizuno kicks.

I kind of liked the color of yellow and black and I did think that the Asics Gel-Trail Attack 7 looked cool. I tried it on and liked it as well.

The thing with this shoe is that it costs KD35 (equivalent to PhP 5,351). But with the discount – we each forked over KD5 (PhP 2,310).

Not bad. Now I feel like a Transformer.

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