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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thoughts about the team

In case you've noticed I've not commented or made much comments about recruits or who could be elevated to Team A. For one, I don't hang around the school or MLSC enough to know a lot and I have three sources within the team yet we don't talk too much now because there's a lot of other stuff keeping me busy. Unlike others who have a lot of time on theirhands, I don't so I don't get to watch too many games outside the UAAP and maybe the CCL.

Last summer when I made a simple post about my thinking that Jobe should be on the line-up eh may mga na-ruffle yung feathers. Even writing about Jeff De Guzman pissed off some people there. Obviously those people aren't too bright.

Regarding Jobe, that was my goddam opinion and I do not foist down my thoughts on Coach Norman. If you know Coach Norman at all, then you will know what I mean.

Second about Jeff... so what? It was about a guy who got cut plain and simple. He was cut in San Beda and in Ateneo. It does not question why he was cut but it was a story about a different path that was presented to him. The end of that story will be told eventually.

With regards to the current team, well, there are three open slots right now. Who's going to make it? It's way too early to tell. Some could even play for another school if only for the playing time. By summer time more or less we'll find out.

The high school boys, unfortunately, they're only way too small for seniors' hoops. Unless you have a player who is 6'4" and up who plays even bigger than his size then he can only avail of the backcourt slots. But they will need to hit the three-point shot and medium range jumper. A three-point shot makes you a threat but a pull up jumper makes you almost unguardable.

It's a bit of advice I've always told some of our Ateneo players and you have probably seen a few of them develop it.

Aside from his iron-clad will, it's what helped turn Michael Jordan into the player he became. Upon his advice and tutelege, it's that bit of advice that helped Rip Hamilton become an All-Star.

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It helps create that degree of separation from one's guard for a shot and helps him drive to the hoop.

For Dumrique and Tiongson to make it, they have to be able to find the bottom of the net from the outside.

The current coaching staff places a premium on players who can play both ends of the court and are tall. With what's coming from FEU soon, Lord knows we'll need them.

If anything, everyone's gunning for us right now.

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