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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ramon Fernandez on PSC memo: NSAs must liquidate or face legal action

PSC memo: NSAs must liquidate or face legal action
by rick olivares

Former basketball pro and legend Ramon Fernandez doesn’t mind being vocal and vociferous in his role as the Philippine Sports Commission’s watchdog, whistleblower, and reformist. Some might say, “attack dog” but Fernandez doesn’t care one bit.

What he does mind is cleaning up what he – and a great many others – believe is a messy Philippine sports landscape. The term “messy” is an understatement for him. He would even go on to venture as corruption-ridden scene.

The PSC’s accounting office recently released a list of unliquidated monies provided to all the various national sports associations. “They are all late in their liquidation,” emphasized Fernandez who is clearly upset. “The standard procedure is for NSAs to liquidate within 30 days after all their events. Some of them haven’t done so for longer periods.”

“We are dead serious in ensuring that the monies provided by the PSC are used for the proper venues in sports and that here is accountability,” clarified Fernandez. “If not, we will go after them in court.”

Based on the list provided by Fernandez, the NSAs with the largest amount that needs liquidation are wrestling (PhP 9.2 million); karate (PhP 6 million); gymnastics (PhP 6 million); volleyball (PhP 5.6 million); chess, Philspada and football (PhP 5 million); weightlifting (PhP 4.3 million); triathlon (PhP 4.6 million); integrated cycling (PhP 4 million); sepak takraw (PhP 3.6 million); Muay Thai and fencing (PhP 3 million); canoe kayak and archery (PhP 1.8 million), and athletics and boardsailing (PhP 1.2 million).

The list also shows that other sports agencies (some with over or less than a million in funding) such as arnis, asaphil, boardsailing, bowling congress and the federation, braille chess, darts, dragonboat, duckpin, judo, kick boxing, Muay Thai, PICAF, practical shooting, surfing, basketball, soft tennis, sports climbing, tournament bridge, volleyball, and wushu have yet to liquidate a single centavo.

I will be meeting with accounting and the PSC-Commission on Audit to get a detailed report from them regarding this unliquidated financial assistance from PSC. We have given the NSAs up to March 16 to liquidate otherwise assistance will be stopped and PSC will fully support the grassroots programs together with the Department of Education.

“I am now in a position to help and protect athletes from pseudo sports leaders,” declared Fernandez in a strong statement.

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