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Friday, February 17, 2017

Looking at the Ateneo Men's Football Team's win over DLSU

Starting List:
Ateneo - Paolo Alilam, Alexandre Jae Arcilla, Mario Lorenzo Ceniza, Javier Gayoso, William Jay Grierson, Ryan Haosen, Jordan Blair Jarvis, Alfredo Mathay, Joseph Gerard Poe, Jeremiah Rafael Rocha, Julian Roxas.
Head Coach: John Paul Merida

La Salle - Kerbi Almonte, Noel Brago, Matthew Custodio, Darius Diamante, Marcus Garcia, Iñigo Gonzales, Yoshiharu Koizumi, Chrstopher Lawless, Rafael Luis Montelibano, Jose Luis Montelibano, Jhoguev Ybanez.
Head Coach Hans Peter Smit

Time: 4pm
Referee: Daniel Lazak
Assistant Referee 1: Joseph Turbanada
Assistant Referee 2: Vicente Catarding
Fourth Official: J. Cortes
Match Commissioner: Bob Salvacion
Referee's Inspector: Jovanie Villagracia

The Ateneo Men’s Football Team picked up a huge 1-nil win over La Salle last Thursday at the Moro Lorenzo Field.

Here’s are my thoughts about the game.

This is a young and very good Ateneo team. They are tall, long, athletic, and they work hard. Despite that, there are still things they need to work out.

I thought that La Salle was winning the battles in the air. They were a threat to score especially at the start and end of the game as they were awarded a number of free and corner kicks due to poor fouls by the Blue Booters.

I’m somewhat concerned in losing the aerial battle because the AMFT is taller.

I like the pragmatic 3-5-2 formation of Ateneo but I thought that La Salle exploited the gaps in the final third. The secondary line of defense should be quick to be aware of these gaps and where La Salle likes to make their runs. I thought that the Green Booters were more successful looking for a way in from the right flank than the left. They also looked dangerous in the middle.

Furthermore, there were some poor clearances and decisions inside. Alexandre Arcilla gave DLSU an unnecessary corner kick when he tried to control a ball that was going out in Ateneo’s favor. And there were a number of clearances that were sent in the middle of the box – dangerous area if you ask me – instead of away from the box. They will learn from that

Ateneo should have scored one or two more goals but they need a little more patience in beating the offside trap. The finishing as well because a ball could have been chipped over the keeper for a second goal. That’s youth for you. Once more, they’ll learn from that.

I have to admire the work rate of Jarvey Gayoso. What striker comes down on  defense? I like that. No one is sleeping on defense.

And the same work rate applies to the rest of the team. I thought that they found ways to snuff out La Salle’s drives with double teaming.

Gayoso, denied in his first two strikes, blasted a low shot to beat Kirby Almonte who was under siege all match long.

La Salle started and finished somewhat strong although Ateneo gave them a scare with three breakaways that were denied by superb defense from their keeper. They had a modicum of control of the middle of the park in the early goings and they were spraying passes to the wings who in turn sent in some dangerous crosses.

Had they scored early this might have been a different ball game. I thought that they threatened more from set pieces that actual ground attacks.

Still a big win for Ateneo.

I am fine with the officiating of Romanian referee Daniel Lazak. He was in control of the match. I think he is too kind in dishing out cautions. I thought that he should have awarded a penalty to Gayoso after a La Salle defender took him out near the goal. The tackle was late and the ball had been released. The cards though he issued I don’t agree because there were other fouls that should have been called and carded but the others than didn’t merit one were given. But other than that, he was in control. He bossed that field. There were no shenanigans whatsoever. And great sportsmanship from both squads. I commend the coaches Jaypee Merida and Hans Smit. 

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