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Friday, August 5, 2016 race registration made easy

This appears on race registration made easy
by rick olivares

Unable to register for that fun run because of the metro traffic? No one manning that marathon registration booth at the mall?

Now you can register at your own convenience from your laptop, desktop, gadget, or even smart phone any time and anywhere. is a website that allows allows race organizers to create a website for their event which can be up within minutes and can accept registration and online payments instantly. It also allows runners to register and pay online for any fun run, marathon, or similar fitness event in the Philippines. The site can be accessed via computer or smart phone and payment remitted via credit card, PayPal, or traditional methods such as bank deposits.

Built from scratch by Cebuanos Paul Ouano and Aaron Lee Yap, was borne out of necessity and practicality.  “We both liked to run and would regularly join fun runs and marathons yet found it difficult to register because of a variety of reasons,” explained Ouano. 

Congresswoman Pia Cayetano said that she found “the one-stop site” for races “an idea whose time has come” and “a big help to all runners.”

Cayetano who regularly runs and participates in marathons and triathlons home and abroad has two events also listed on - The GSF Triathlon Clinic and Race and Bike for Hope this coming September. Both events will be held in Davao. “The site is a great way to bring attention not only to the event for people who live in the area but also to help promote sports tourism,” said Cayetano. 

“Manila isn’t the only city that experiences traffic,” explained Yap dispelling the notion that it is only in Manila that has congested thoroughfares. “We have that too in Cebu. But of course, nothing beats Manila."

The site lists all the races in chronological order with comprehensive information all coming from the race organizers. “All registration is done in real time and the organizer instantly receives confirmation of the runner’s participation. The runner can also choose to have his or her race kit picked up or delivered to their doorstep.”

Post-race, runners can view their photos by entering their bib numbers. The site also features a section where runners can blog about their experience and upload their own photos. “The site is configured to be very user friendly,” added Yap.

One of the cool features of the sites is that it lists races from all over the country. “Thus far, we have over 100 races registered on,” said Ouano. “And we hope to get even more.”

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