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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pocari Sweat levels their V-League series vs BaliPure

Pocari Sweat levels their V-League series vs BaliPure
by rick olivares

You can say that Shakey’s V-League sides BaliPure and Pocari Sweat are evenly matched. Both are star-studded, talented, and deep.

In their three meetings this Open Conference, two have gone the way of five sets while the other was a three-setter. This Monday, at least for this conference, they collide one more time. 

How did Pocari level the series and send it to a no-tomorrow Game Three?

For one, they came out with a lot of energy and intensity. 
BaliPure started Game One like a house on fire going up 6-0 and putting some distance. Game Two was the opposite. Pocari came out with an intensity on both ends — offense and defense. The Lady Warriors celebrated every point like it was championship point so you bet they were pumped up.

The power duo of Myla Pablo and Elaine Kasilag 
BaliPure isn’t the only one with a power hitting duo. Pocari Sweat’s Myla Pablo and Elain Kasilag can sky. They have hops, and the power to deliver thunderous spikes.

Open hitter Pablo had a superb game. I don’t recall her middle or back row attacks getting stopped this second match. Kasilag blew hot and cold but when it mattered, she came through.

I thought that Pocari’s attacks were stronger and not at a parabolic angle that allowed BP’s receivers to dig the ball and mount a counter attack of their own. There was greater purpose to their game.

The duo outscored the Water Defenders’ Alyssa Valdez and Grethcel Soltones, 43-40.

The superb setting of Gyzelle Sy
Watching the battle royale between BaliPure’s Jem Ferrer and Pocari Sweat’s Gyzelle Sy has been a see-saw battle. One setter getting the better of the other. Sy made her intentions plain from the start. She was aggressive, tossing a ball that had BaliPure scrambling from all directions.

I thought that the more diversified attack of Pocari had BaliPure scrambling on defense. 

Sy mixed it up quite well and her targets repaid her with some huge contributions. She finished with 53 excellent sets to the 46 of Ferrer. 

The defense of Melissa Gohing
Pocari’s libero bounced back and received almost every ball that came her way. I thought that the energy by the whole team was contagious. In one sequence, the ball was going out of bounds after a check ball and what was looking like a point for BaliPure when Gohing dove and kept the ball in play. Pocari scored and I thought that effort typified what the Lady Warriors brought into Game Two.

As a whole, Pocari improved their floor defense and that allowed them to frustrate BaliPure.

Now we’re on to Game Three. 

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