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Monday, May 2, 2016

Looking at the Adamson Falcons’ debut in the Filoil Flying V Premier Cup

Dawn Ochea (#5), Khristian Bernardo (#20), Sean Maganti (#15), Rob Manalang (#22), and CJ Cadua (#27)
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Looking at the Adamson Falcons’ debut in the Filoil Flying V Premier Cup
by rick olivares

The Adamson Falcons might have lost their inaugural match of the 2016 Filoil Flying V Premier Cup to La Salle, 98-88, but there are lots to glean from the San Marcelino squad’s play. While of course, one match does not make a team’s performance, these are but first thoughts.

The Falcons started with Robbie Manalang at point guard, Jerrick Ahanmisi at the off guard spot, Sean Maganti at the three, and Khristian Bernardo and Papi Sarr at the four and five spots respectively. 

Scouting report:
Got into all sorts of problems with a poor start. They couldn’t stop the inside incursions of La Salle and Sarr got tagged with two early fouls. They missed a lot of their shots and fell into a 15-point hole late in the first period, 28-13.

Maybe you can say that the Falcons didn’t expect this kind of ferocity from La Salle or even opening day jitters but the Falcons looked overwhelmed early in the game. They looked very slow to cut the path of the Green Archers’ Jeron Teng who fished fouls from Ahanmisi and Maganti. Sarr invited all sorts of trouble when it took him so long to make a move in the post. The result was a strip, a poor shot, and an offensive foul.

Adamson settled down with their second unit that ironically featured their homegrown players — Dawn Ochea, Harold Ng, and Cristian Garcia came in. After Manalang and Maganti had a chance to assess the situation from the bench and following their teammates’ cue, they returned to floor and there was better balance.

Ochea and Garcia gave Adamson a presence inside, Maganti hit from medium range and was a pest defensively because of his long arms and terrific anticipation. Ng, the second year player, hit some big shots from different angles while being able to bring down the ball something that other players like Carlo Escalambre and Manalang couldn’t get done early.

They even took a 34-32 lead in the second quarter. 

Up to the last four minutes, Adamson remained within striking distance of La Salle but when Manalang and Ng both went out one after the other with cramps, that was it. They had trouble bringing the ball down with CJ Cadua and Carlo Escalambre having a tough time. The bantam-sized Cadua had his moments but he had trouble beating double teams or making quick passes. He did score four points all from free throws but he once he gets accustomed to the pace, he’ll be fine. Adamson gained some control when JV Pasturan, entered the match. 

Pasturan, who came up from the Baby Falcons (after transferring from the University of Visayas) reminds me of CSB’s JJ Domingo with his good ball handling skills and ability to stick that medium range shot. He could play a large part of this team.

Shooting - Yes, they can shoot.
Inside scoring — Need more of this.
Playmaking — They need point guards not points guards.
Defense - The Falcons run a similar pressing defense to La Salle and both teams had their own runs because of their defensive stops. So you know these Falcons will hustle. Furthermore, they’ve got talent (and JD Tungcab didn’t play because of an illness) but they need to put it together as they are still learning the Franz Pumaren system. However, where this team goes will also depend on the contributions of Papi Sarr. If not, they are going to have a tough time eking out wins. 

It’s a young team. The tournament is good learning ground for them.

Player ratings (scale of 1-10)
Sean Maganti - 9. Didn’t have good start but when he was reinserted by Pumaren became more effective. Long arms. Good defensive instinct. Nice medium range shot. Top scored with 13 points on 5-6 shooting.
Robbie Manalang - 8 Also didn’t start well but was good when he came back. Quick. Can shoot. Needs to attack the basket and create more. His absence late in the game hurt them. Look out for more from this Fil-Am.
Jerrick Ahanmisi - 5 Perhaps because of his pedigree (older brother Maverick who is with Rain or Shine), people expected a bit more. Got into foul trouble and was largely ineffective. Did have a triple late in the game. Says he likes to slash inside. Will do better.
Terrence Mustre - 6 At the height of La Salle’s first quarter onslaught, looked to take matters in his own hands by scoring. Sure it helped as he four points but he needs to be a floor general. Crucial turnover late in the game when he had his pocket picked. 
Harold Ng - 7 Gave life to Adamson with his outside shooting. Stabilized backcourt with ballhandling. Cool and calm play. 
Dawn Ochea - 8 Despite being undersized inside, he knows how to position himself and has great moves. Finished with 10 points and six rebounds (three off the offensive glass).
Papi Sarr - 5 Like his first UAAP season, had a slow start. Should be used by now to the double teams and hacks. Needs to take it stronger. Gave Ben Mbala a little trouble but the former had the much better and effective game.
James Pasturan - 7. Of all the point guards to play, I thought that he should a willingness to play court general. While he had three assists (in 14 minutes of play to go with his six points) he also had three turnovers. But I thought that the TOs were because teammates weren’t ready for some of the passes. Looked calm in the face of the La Salle press.
Carlo Escalambre - 6 Had trouble with the press. Franz Pumaren got in his face several times for his poor play. But later was all right. Did score six points. 
Khristian Bernardo - 6. Can be a presence at the four or even the five. At least with rebound and defense. Didn’t see the ball going his way much — which is expected — so he had to scrap his way for four points off putbacks. 
CJ Cadua - 6. I’d like to see more of what he can do. Only played three minutes but got four points, a rebound, and a steal. He did have two turnovers which is why he got yanked. And this was after Ng and Manalang went out of the game due to cramps. 
Jonathan Espeleta - 6. Not much to say just yet. 
Christian Garcia - 6 unfortunately bore the brunt of La Salle’s inside game (Ben Mbala, Abu Tratter, and Jayboy Gob). Can pass the ball which I like. Was in foul trouble but I blame that on the poor perimeter defense that allowed a lot of the lane incursions.

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