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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ONE FC’s Cui explains the replacement of Lewis-Parry as Vera’s SPIRIT OF CHAMPIONS foe

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ONE FC’s Cui explains the replacement of Lewis-Parry as Vera’s foe
by rick olivares

The war of words between Chi Lewis-Parry and Brandon Vera and ONE FC is like a low blow towards Asia’s biggest MMA circuit especially right before the latter’s year-end bonanza offering, SPIRIT OF CHAMPIONS. It’s a virtual he said-he said affair where Perry claims that ONE FC pulled the old switcheroo on his title bout with Vera while the fight organization says they yanked him out after he refused to provide medical records. Vera joined the fray with an expletive-ridden video rant directed towards Lewis-Parry after the Englishman didn’t board a flight to Manila for the fight.

Sure it makes for good theater and creates some noise for the promotion, yet of greater concern, this is the second time in two months, the main bout of a ONE FC event has proven problematic.

Last November, the much-anticipated return bout between Ben Askren and Luis Santos did not materialize after the latter showed up two pounds overweight. In subsequent discussions, it is alleged that Santos did not accede to Askren’s provisions for the fight to continue; hence, the title shot taken off the table which Santos did not like. 
Now there’s this mess with Lewis-Parry.

To be fair to ONE FC, controversies between fighters and their parent companies isn’t new. The UFC, the biggest and most popular MMA promotion has had its share of controversy from fighters inexplicably dropped from the roster to an entire promotion canceled (UFC 151) to fight records being re-written among many others. Strikeforce and the much-respected Pride FC had its own as well. So Lewis-Parry war of words will pass but will there be a cost to ONE FC? Two of the biggest headliners in ONE FC -- Ben Askren and Brandon Vera — have their fights cancelled or opponents changed on very short notice.

As much as I love that Asians are getting their chance on the big stage, it always helps to have some big names participate for they draw attention and hype to the event.

Did Lewis-Parry’s rant against ONE FC and Vera on the War of Words podcast last December 5 where he talked about his dislike for Vera and threatened to do a Riddick Bowe and dump the ONE FC Heavyweight title in the dumpster should he be victorious on December 11 have an effect on his being booted from the title bout?

On the same day, the Englishman a screen shot of Paul Cheng Tweet: “Just got some amazing news. My time to shine.”

Lewis-Parry took this to mean that ONE FC wasn’t serious about giving him a shot at the title so he decided not to take the flight to Manila.

In a phone conversation with Victor Cui this past Wednesday afternoon, ONE FC’s Chief Executive Officer, disclosed that requesting the blood work and drug tests has been mandatory for all fighters. “The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) is strict about this especially since it is a title bout,” said Cui. “The safety of our fighters is paramount. We operate at the highest levels and there are all these mandatories that we as an organization have to comply with; drugs tests are part of that. We have Matt Hume and Rich Franklin who have integrity and are building ONE FC as a brand. They will not stand for anything that is not right.”

“Second, Chi didn’t get on that plane. We only found out when we sent people to pick him up at the airport."
When we asked Cui about Lewis-Parry’s screen shot of the Paul Cheng tweet, he had this to say, “After the failed Askren-Santos fight, we made it a point to have a back-up in the event one party is unable to make it. People are flying over to watch the fight. People are paying money to watch a fight. It doesn’t look good not to have a fight. The number two challenger is a good choice because you know he is just as hungry." 

“In this business, you have to be prepared for all eventualities,” summed up Cui. “Now we hope that the main bout will be just as electric.”

So the main event of ONE FC: SPIRIT OF CHAMPIONS will be Vera (13-7-0) versus Cheng (5-1-0). Even without Lewis-Parry, it doesn’t mean that Vera is more relaxed. “Far from it,” he admitted. “I am still nervous. My friends tell me, ‘Brandon, that’s because you’re fighting for the belt and because you’re fighting at home. Just embrace it. You’re nervous that means you’re ready and aware.”

This is the second time that Vera is headlining a fight. The last time Vera fought in the main event that was in UFC on Fox 4 where he lost to Shogun Rua in the fourth round. “Yeah, hopefully, this will be a better ending. Especially since it is here in Manila."

Here is the transcript of Brandon Vera's expletive-filled tirade against Chi Lewis-Parry:
"Chi 'bitch ass' Lewis 'vagina cunt' Parry. You're a fucking coward, bro. You asked for the fight, you begged for the fight, you got the fight, then you decide to miss the first press conference and not show up on your flight. Then you decide not to show your medical records or send your medical records in. Then ONE's at the airport tonight to pick you up, but you didn't get on your flight again! And somewhere in your twisted ass mind, you want to blame it on everybody else that you're a fucking cunt. You're a bitch, bro. YOU are what's wrong with the world today. Guys who talk the talk, think that they're tough as shit, but actually have no balls. You're not a man. And any organization that continues to use you or decides to use you, is a shit organization as well. Fuck you for the rest of your life. Go back to playing with balls, because you ain't got none you fucking cunt.

I hope you get hit by a bus. And if you're still talking shit, if you still believe you can beat me, send me your address, send me your gym that you're at. After I'm done here in Manila, before I go home for Christmas, I'm gonna come to you and we'll fuckin' scrap there. If you want to be safe, we can put shin guards, gloves, and head gear on. If you want to get down, we can do no gloves.

You're a bitch bro. I feel bad for your wife. She ain't with a man. Mr. Paul Cheng, thank you for stepping up. You are the #2 seed for the title shot. I appreciate you coming in and putting on a show with me in Manila. Parry, again one more time, FUCK you."

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