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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Looking at MMA fighter Lowen Tynanes (and that was quite a win over Rasul Yakhyaev)

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Lowen Tynanes is fun to watch
by rick olivares

Whenever there’s a ONE FC event, next to the Filipino fighters in the card, I check out if Lowen Tynanes is fighting. The Hawaii-born American, who is described as a freestyle MMA fighter, is not only undefeated but is what I believe to be an underrated technical wrestler who is fun to watch. He is a smart as they come and has defeated top fighters who have tried different ways to stop him but to no avail.

During the Saturday, December 5 ONE FC event, Kingdom of Khmer, Tynanes forced Chechen fighter Rasul Yakhyaev to submit via rear-naked choke in the third round. Rasul obviously studied the American. However, it is one thing to watch tape and another to feel his strength and power.

The Chechen fighter was unable to get much going in the first round as Tynanes forced him to the fence where he displayed that superb upper body strength of his. The two traded some knees to midsection but it was the latter who landed the more telling ones. Tynanes took Yakhyaev down but the Chechen staved off any submission maneuver until the bell sounded. 

Early in the second round, Rasul kept Tynanes at bay with a variety of kicks and strikes. However, American who is also cat-quick to exploit any opening took down the Chechen. 

It is at this point where Tynanes’ opponent realizes that game plan isn’t working and Tynanes hasn’t even begun to do what he does best, pound on you and force you to submit.

That happened in the third round. Another submission. Another victory to go 8-0.

The American is very strong, has quick reflexes, a great fighting mind, and fights with such a cool demeanour. In fact, he doesn’t look like anything fazes him. 

Now how do you fight someone like him?

Tynanes first came to my attention during URCC Dekada in December of 2012 where he opened up my favorite Philippine fighter, Ed Folayang, like a spigot. Prior to his ONE FC debut in Malaysia (Return of Warriors in February 2013) against Vuyisile Colossa, I got to sit down with him at great length to talk about his two previous matches and he was very animated. He was 22 years old at that time and I didn’t get any impression of someone who had gotten swell-headed. He sounded grateful for the opportunity to fight in Asia and was looking forward to make a name for himself. No boasting or tough talk about his resounding victory over Folayang. The kid was grounded.

It is a good thing he was grounded because against the tough and power punching Colossa,  Tynanes learned not to trade strikes (he had quite a few felts on his face after the match) but to take the fight to the mat that is his strength.

Prior to Rasul, Tynanes faced Kazakh fighter Kuat Khamitov and exhibited great takedown defense and more striking. Khamitov displayed ingenuity in his attacks but Tynanes was simply stronger. I was impressed with how Tyananes was able to stay on his feet on several occasions with the Kazakh trying to force a takedown. Khamitov dropped Tynanes with a crisp right but the American quickly jumped to his feet and took down the Kazakh twice in the third round. The match ended in a unanimous decision victory for Tynanes; his second in eight fights. Nevertheless, it was an impressive win.

In the wake of the Holly Holm victory over Ronda Rousey, analysts have said that there is no substitute for boxing as a fighting form even if it was her devastating kick (Holm is also a kickboxer) that knocked out the former champ. 

I still feel it is that strong wrestling base then you add those striking skills that makes one a difficult match.

And Tynanes like Mr. Funky himself, Ben Askren, who also has that solid wrestling base, is always on my list of to-watch fighters.

Now, ONE FC, when is Mr. Tynanes’ next match?

Lowen forces Rasul to tap out.

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