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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Check out my new Mizuno Ascend 8!

The Wave Ascend 8 is my third pair of Mizunos after the Wave Rider 14 and 17. Between the previous two, it was the Wave Rider 14 that I liked best as I found 17 a little to rigid. Nevertheless, I am excited about the Wave Ascend 8. It's an off-road shoe that is said to be durable and can take a lot of punishment. I got an off-road shoe because I pretty much walk everywhere. I think the design and the color scheme -- looks perfect for the off-road -- makes it look classy enough to even wear to some event that isn't too formal.

Trying it on now, I love that the width is just right since I have wide feet. The padding feels good so far and am eager to try this on rocky terrain. There's enough toe room so my toes don't feel cramped or bunched up. It also is said to have good ventilation so we gotta check that out.

Take a look at the sole gives a good grip on different types of surfaces! 

I will be giving the shoe a road test and will see how it scores on the following criteria: forefoot cushioning, stability, weight, heel cushioning, and stiffness. 

Wish me luck!

Grazi, Mizuno!

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