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Friday, November 13, 2015

The father of Hubert Cani refutes report of transferring to another college

The Canis reached out to me last night after an article was released purporting that son, Hubert was thinking of transferring. It's completely false. Since Hubert was in third year high school, I have counseled not only him but many high school players where they should go for college. And no, I do not necessarily send them towards Loyola Heights. I sent one to UST, another to UE; many are in other UAAP or NCAA schools. You send them where they can best fit in and not because of any blue and white blood I have. I even call up some coaches asking if this kid can tryout for their squad.

The Canis have been friends for awhile now and I have had to work extra time to help Hubert with his confidence and low morale. At no time this past season did they ever say that they thought about transferring and WE TALK EVERY WEEK. I EVEN INFORMED HIM OF THE CHISMIS THAT HUBERT WAS TRANSFERRING AND HE LAUGHED. Even the father has chided the son for his poor play even saying that if he were the coach, he'd bench him for his inability to contribute.

Last night, unaware of the article floating around, the father reached out and asked to pass on a message:

Jon Jon Cani: For those who were able to read the write up concerning my son, Hubert Cani thinking of transferring to another school, we are quite ashamed of the news that is based on mere speculation and hearsay and not the truth. We do not have bigger heads now that we are with Ateneo since we owe the school a lot. We are lucky and blessed since they have been treating our son very well. During this current UAAP season, we have been in constant communication with Sir Rick Olivares and Coach Bo Perasol, who both continue to motivate and guide our son. Yes, our son's morale and self esteem is currently down and playing time is down. For the first four games, we really felt bad but we realized that the guard rotation has been effective enough to win games and were honestly happy and supportive with how things are as part of the team. With this issue, stories being passed from one person may have changed and was misquoted. We were able to adapt to the current situation given the support by other co parents such as Ms. Mozzy Ravena. After the game last Sunday against La Salle, she even gave us an inspirational message wherein she mentioned that she supports our son and to be patient with the minutes we are aspiring which we were all able to accept even prior to the said game.

I am making this statement since we are in shock why this write up came out. Maybe it was to create road bumps in the system that Ateneo is running or to destroy the current momentum that team has.

Again, I am really sorry for this confusion. Let us all continue to support Team Ateneo.
One Big Fight.



  1. But, why isn't he part of the rotation???

  2. What do you expect from a showbiz reporter pretending to be a sports writer?

  3. If it's from snow, it must be a baduan.


    Even the team manager's reply in the article is not typical. Hard to believe Epok will remark na parang kanto. Usually, Ateneans will neither confirm or deny. No comment.