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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Who is holding serve in Philippine volleyball? (Legality Part One)

This appears in the Monday January 19, 2015 edition of the Business Mirror.

Who is holding serve in Philippine volleyball?
(Legality Part One)
by rick olivares

Over the past few weeks, a “war” has been played out on in all forms of media between the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Volleyball Federation. We got both side’s points that we present and by column’s end, make our recommendations.

Last January 13, Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) Secretary General Rustico “Otie” Camangian issued a press release stating that the national sports agency for volleyball was in the process of addressing internal issues and called for a general assembly on the 25th of January.

“We’re all moving forward,” said Camangian. “There are many positive results including the filling up of vacant positions and our decision to pursue the hosting of the (Asian Volleyball Confederation) Under-23 (women’s) championship. We will continue the plans and development programs of the PVF.”

In that press release, it was stated that Edgardo “Boy” Cantada was named Chairman, replacing Pedro Mendoza, Jr. who passed away in October of last year. Karl Chan was named President while board member D’Artagnan Yambao took over the latter’s position of Vice President.

During their recent elections, the officers of the PVF invited the POC to send an observer for their proceedings but the latter declined stating that the former was an illegal entity.

However, in an interview with Philippine Olympic Committee First Vice President Mr. Jose “Joey” Romasanta last Thursday, January 19, we were informed that the current dealings of this incarnation of the PVF is supposedly illegal.

Mr. Romasanta furnished us copies of two different sets of incorporation papers from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The first was dated march 21, 2005 with Company Registration No. CN200526128 with the following signatories as incorporators: Bro. Rolando Dizon, Roger Banzuela, Pedro Mendoza Jr., Augusto Santamaria, Richard Palou, Victor Abalos, Edwin Velez, Constante Reyes, Fr. Ermito De Sagon, and Joey San Juan.

The second set of papers was April 2, 2014 with Company Registration No. Cn201406380 and with Karl Geoffrey Chan, Nestor Bello, Yul BeƱosa, Adrian Paolo Laurel, and Camangian as members.

He also pointed out to an email letter from Asian Volleyball Confederation’s Shanrit Wongprasert dated May 20, 2013 to Ramon “Tats” Suzara, who is with AVC’s Development and Marketing, about possible sanctions on the Philippines if they pulled out from the Southeast Asian Zonal Qualification Tournaments in Vietnam and the 17th Asian Sr. Women’s Championships. He also was emailed by Wongprasert on the following day where he not only introduced himself but also sought the help of the POC for various concerns.

In the email of Wongprasert, it is stated, “I and AVC have tried very hard to support Philippines Volleyball Association to promote and develop their management after their association has had problem with International Volleyball Federation for the debt of the organization of the World Grand Prix at the amount of USD 1000,000.”

“The only way to develop any kind of sports is to participate (in) international competition and to organize the international competition. If not, there is no chance to get sponsor. I and AVC have tried to support Philippines Volleyball Association to host Asian Sr. Men’s Volleyball Championship in order to get some income to pay the debt to the IVF and to encourage the Association to participate (in) international competition.”

“In the light of these developments,” said Romasanta. “The POC got involved. We told the volleyball officials to fix this mess and that was in 2013. It is now 2015 and nothing has been fixed. There are issues with the national team but before we address that, these so-called representatives have to answer this irregularity about the paper work and who is in charge. Hindi pwede puro salita but they should present paperwork that certifies that everything they say from board resolutions is all true.”

Added Romasanta, “When the country is under threat of sanction nakakahiya naman. Hindi naman tama ito. That is why we entered this.”

As Cantada refused to be interviewed, we instead spoke to Camangian in a cellphone conversation last Sunday, January 18. The PVF’s Sec-Gen bared the association underwent a major reorganization in 2013. Camangian previously left the federation but was invited by former president Dungo to help out. He received a board mandate to help with the reorganization. Added Camangian who expressed reconciliation and understanding with the POC, “The SEC also recommended that we re-incorporate as the old organization was gone, hence, the new incorporation papers. We fixed our organization as mandated by the AVC. We are no in the process of forming a national team and we have found a sponsor in the top telecommunications company in the country and the biggest mall operator in the country in SM and now that we have complied we are illegal? Siguro naman if we are illegal and are doing something wrong these two pillars of our economic infrastructure would not partner with us.”

The POC questioned the process and Romasanta elucidated, “Yes, we informed them to reform Philippine Volleyball and to fix their membership and as per the rules of the International Olympic Committee, you should call for fair and democratic elections. But in their so-called incorporation papers, they included referees and judges who should not be members but only accredited as part of the organization. In their accomplishment report to the POC they could not list any tournaments but merely workshops or seminars that these people attended.”

Richard Palou, former PVF Board member and currently with the V-League agreed, “Dungo was elected as president but stepped down with other board members. Karl Chan and company appointed themselves into an interim board to run PVF affairs. POC says they should have called for elections instead of appointing themselves into an interim board.”

A check with the Asian Volleyball Confederation’s website as of Sunday, January 18, still had Generoso listed as president of the PVF close to two years after he supposedly stepped down. If you want to speculate, either the AVC did not recognize the proceedings or now updates in leadership were presented to the regional body.

And there’s still the matter of that “debt” that AVC mentions. Can someone care to explain what exactly that debt is?

My take: At this point, it is all he said, he said. The sport of volleyball is growing and with growth comes an influx of money. If it isn’t about the money but the sport then I challenge all parties concerned to sit down and hash it out and produce the proper paperwork. As for the volleyball players, you should not get involved. I think you should know all the issues and see both sides before you speak and cry in public. Use the mind and not the heart in these matters because they are of utmost importance.

Tomorrow in Part Two, we will look at the issues of the national team. Click on the link below.


This morning, January 19, 2015, I received an answer via email from the Asian Volleyball Confederation's Shanrit Wongprasert about what is going on and his answer is TELLING. Now read it carefully (comprehension, please):

AVC and FIVB will not get involve with any internal conflict of our affiliated federations. FIVB and AVC shall respect the decision of each National Olympic Committee but until now there is no official letter to the President of AVC and FIVB, concerning the new Board of Administration. FIVB and AVC will recognise when the internal conflict has been solved and send the names of the new Board of Administration for recognition.

For your information, I am not the person who can make decision or can answer you. Only FIVB and AVC Presidents with the decision of FIVB and AVC Board of Administration Meeting can answer the question, like this. Your good understanding to my answer will be very highly appreciated.



  1. Thank you Sir Rick for showing a clearer picture on the problem that PVF is facing with the POC. The only news I get before was from a certain controversial sports writer from a known tabloid.

    1. Thanks. Was aware of the problems of the PVF since 2006 when one of the former board members told me that we were on the verge of getting suspended. I Wanted to write about it then but I was battling the PFF's then president for corruption. Waited for more pertinent and important data to come my way before writing again. I left out a lot of stuff believe it or not. I didn't want it to be dump on PVF. If I left everything out there including copies of the letters etc that would be burying them. That isn't my job. It is to present all the facts in a fair manner.