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Friday, December 5, 2014

NCAA school to vote back for foreign players

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NCAA school to vote back for foreign players
by rick olivares

A couple of years ago, the National Collegiate Athletic Association came out with a decree to ban the recruitment of foreign players.

You might want to hold that thought for a moment.

It seems that one of the schools that voted against their inclusion in the country’s oldest collegiate athletic league is going to backtrack and put the discussion back on the table. This time for their “reinstatement” although with certain specifications.

Our NCAA source said that one of the schools that was vehemently opposed to foreigners playing is now considering backtracking and allowing them to continue to play with certain restrictions. Said our source, “Nadala lang siya nung una sa dalawang iskwelahan na ayaw kasi wala raw budget o kung ano ano. Now they are looking to put it back on he table this time, they will vote for their retention.”

Added the NCAA official, “There is nothing official yet. It hasn’t even been put back on the table. But there are some off-table discussions. If there are any restrictions such as height it has yet to be brought up as well. But we will see.”

This comes at a time when the NCAA’s cousin, the UAAP, is also thinking about scaling back on foreign players.

Added our NCAA source, “Ang maiingay naman yung mga magulang ng mga matangkad na bata. They forget that if they are good they will always have a chance. But if you’re a lemon, you’re a lemon. They complain about foreigners but they also gripe about Fil-Ams and other Filipinos from overseas taking their place.”


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