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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reedley Silverbacks in a rebuilding season; Imson on Javelosa & Gueye

Last year's edition of the Reedley Internation School Silverbacks. Coach Nathaniel Imson (wearing the shirt with the red sleeves) and his former prized wards Jay Javelosa (#4) and Karbala Gueye (#10).
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Reedley Silverbacks in a rebuilding season; Imson on Javelosa & Gueye
by rick olivares

The Reedley Silverbacks are getting ready for the new high school basketball season. The problem for head coach Nathaniel Imson is he practically his entire team to graduation. “Out of the original 17-man line-up including the two alternates, I lost 12 players!”

Among the Silverbacks who have gone on to college include forward-center Jay Javelosa (who is a RP Youth Team veteran) and center Karbala Gueye, both who are now in Ateneo de Manila University. The Silverbacks finished third in Division III of last season’s Metro Manila Basketball League (MMBL) where they became a crowd favorite. They were upset in the semifinals by Trinity that despite fielding a smaller line-up had a faster team and a deeper bench. “That was a disappointing loss,” understated Gueye after that loss. “We should have played better.”

“This year will be developmental for us,” underscored Imson. “We're not joining the MMBL this year.  I think we are entering ISSA (Inter-Scholastic Sports Association) or LSMS (League of Southern Manila Schools) and MISAA (Manila International School Athletic Association). With hard work and a premium on team play, we're aiming to win the MISAA and enter the semis of LSMS.”

Imson’s present roster is composed of three seniors, four juniors, with the rest junior high and sophomores. “I don’t have any recruits this year,” he noted. “I will rely on our homegrown players and senior Joey Tuason. I’m trying to groom him for Ateneo even for Team B only.”

Regarding his former wards in Javelosa and Gueye (who is Ateneo Team B and is currently playing in the Fr. Martin II tournament), Imson expressed excitement in seeing them play, “I’m proud of both of Jay and KG. I think of them as my kids. Truth be told, my whole family was so eager and excited to see Jay don the Ateneo jersey and watch him on television. It gave my family goose bumps. Right now they are my only former players that I know of who are playing somewhere.”

“With Jay’s potential - height, ball handling, perimeter shooting, and shot blocking skills, he will be of great help to Ateneo. I know he is get very little playing time. His present coach (Bo Perasol) has his own style, system, and strategy that is working. Maybe, Jay is adjusting to the new system. Who knows? One thing for sure, he will have a breakout game. Then, people will take notice.”

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