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Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Top 10 2014 World Cup jerseys

As a football jersey collector (200-plus and counting), I don't just purchase them because I follow a club but also because of particular players and or sometimes, the style.

The last two shirts of France by Nike have been nothing short of elegant. You can actually wear them to a proper function or off the pitch and still look cool. The run away top looking kit for this World Cup!

Simple whole but strong colors. Slap on the Dutch crest. What's not to like? Another of those smart chich kits from Nike. 

Brazil's canary yellow kits have always been simplistic in look. The fabric makes it look cool and the green linings add a touch to the shirt.

Some of you might disagree that Croatia's checkered shirt looks like some race flag or checkers board. I think it's bold on the other hand. The away blue shirt follows the above four shirts with a simple federation crest and the swoosh. 

Rounding out the top five is Greece that could double for the French kit.

Finally, we have something from the three stripes…. adidas! The chevron like design in the front of the shirt adds a lot of dimension. I love it. 

I feel like Captain America in this. But it's the first American shirt that I like.

Simple design to reflect the Rising Sun. Japan's kits have this quiet power to them. I can't say the same for their away shirt though. Ugh.

Korea -- the surprise of this World Cup. Has a pop feel to it that I like. Amazing what a shirt can do for you by spalshing some color and a stripe on a sleeve.

My tenth best shirt of the World Cup -- Portugal. While this reflects some of the aformentioned shirts, the one they used for the Euros was fantastic. Still their best.

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