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Friday, May 30, 2014

Buying World Cup football jerseys in Singapore

Whenever I go to other countries, I always make it a point to check around for prices before purchasing. And in doing so, I ask around for what sells and what doesn’t. Furthermore, in some places especially at Weston, it's about $10 cheaper and that's a lot. Cab fare or a chicken rice meal even.

In this World Cup year, I’m here in Singapore and I went around from Orchard Road to Peninsula Plaza to Queensway looking for national football kits (with names and numbers) for a promo back home.  

Just to be clear, if you’re looking for generic national kits with no players’ names in the back, they are in abundance. But for those with names in the back, well, happy hunting!

The first batch of orders of these name kits have all but sold out across the stores with a new batch set to arrive next week.

Stores sell an average of 20 name jerseys a day. And this number increases significantly come World Cup time. As a team goes deeper into the World Cup, the higher the sales (there are a lot of people who want to be in too).

And here’s what I found out:

The surprising top seller --- Germany’s Mesut Ozil.

Lionel Messi (Argentina): Running neck and neck with Ozil for most popular name jersey. Pretty much sold out. There are some left in La Vanita (Peninsula Plaza) as GOAL (313 Somerset) and Weston (Peninsula Plaza)  have sold them out (as of May 30).

Sergio Ramos (Spain): Good luck finding one! Not in stock.

Ronaldo (Portugal): It moves but not as much as the Ozil and Messi.

Neymar (Brazil): In stock! Few left though.

Gerrard (England): In stock but going fast.

Most popular football club shirts you’d see around here – Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

My advice for those looking for name jerseys here – look around first before buying. If there’s like one left, you might want to get it before someone snaps its up. Made a mistake of not getting one for a day then when I went back it was gone.

Check out some of the stats about the marketability of global footballers:

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