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Saturday, December 7, 2013

One FC: Moment of Truth: Colossa wins, pays tribute to Mandela & calls out Aoki

Colossa wins, pays tribute to Mandela & calls out Shinya Aoki
by rick olivares

On the heels of a South African legend who passed away, Vuyisile Colossa, Muay Thai specialist from Welkon, Free State, defeated via unanimous decision Caros Fodor, then called out One FC’s brightest star – Shinya Aoki.

At One FC: Moment of Truth held last night at the Mall of Asia Arena at Pasay City, Colossa, who was emotional from the passing of former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela earlier in the day, stayed focused all throughout his fight with Fodor. Despite being taken down by Fodor, a former US Marine, in the second round, Colossa held his opponent at bay with his strikes, elbows, knees and leg kicks especially while in the clinch. He battered Fodor en route to his second consecutive victory to raise his record to 7-4 as well as his second consecutive victory (also a unanimous decision over Kotetsu Boku in One FC: Champions and Warriors last September in Jakarta, Indonesia).

“When a man like Nelson Mandela passes away,” said Colossa after the fight while holding back the tears, “how can you not be affected? I am from South Africa. You cannot not know what he has done for our people and all people from the region if you are not from there.”

Colossa came out to the South African National Anthem, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, that is sung in five languages (Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans, and English), with a black shirt that had Mandela’s name on the back. The huge crowd at the MOA Arena stood to pay their respects and applauded him on.

After his win over Fodor who was making his One FC debut and fell to 8-4, Colossa called out, Aoki, Tobikan Judan (The Grand Master of Flying Submissions): “I am the best in what I do. I can adjust against any opponent that you put in front of me. I have losses but they are in the past. I am here to stay. Shinya Aoki, the Cheetah (Colossa) is calling you out. Give the people the fight that they want to see. Let’s make it legendary. Let’s be legendary!”

Aoki, is 11-2 since 2010 and is on a four-match win streak. He has an overall record of 36-6-1. The Japanese fighter is 3-0 in the One FC with two submissions (against Arnaud LePont and Kotetsu Boku) and one unanimous decision (Cody Stevens). He took Boku’s Lightweight belt after One FC: Kings and Champions in Singapore but relinquished the belt to drop to the Featherweight Division.

When asked if Aoki will answer his challenge, Colossa said, “He will. He has pride. He will want to fight the best and that is me.”

The South African went on to predict that he will knock out Aoki. “First round. Second round. Maybe. But I will knock him out.”

“I am not afraid,” added Colossa. “I am from South Africa. I know of hardship. I know of struggling in life. I know pain. If a man like Nelson Mandela could face and win against tough challenges then I can do the same.”

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