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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A whirlwind year for One FC Ring Girl Christine Hallauer

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A whirlwind year for Christine Hallauer
by rick olivares

Mixed Martial Arts has been getting more popular in the Philippines. Not only are Filipinos of foreign descent making a good account of themselves in major fight circuits but also domestic fighters are stepping up.

When Fil-Australian Christine Hallauer stepped into a One Fighting Championship cage early this 2013 during One FC: Kings and Champions in Singapore, you can add “ring girl” to our country’s contributions to the world’s fastest growing sport.

She became an instant crowd favorite not only with Filipinos but Asian audiences. Since then, she has graced the cover of many a magazine on top of giving countless interviews.

Hallauer, whose mother hails from Davao while her father is Swiss, is from Perth, Australia where she works for a multinational. Being a One FC Ring Girl has given her a chance to reconnect with her Filipino roots.

Rick: How would you describe this year for you as you got out of your desk job and into the One FC cage?

Christine: It started off pretty ordinary, for 2013 my goal was to finish studying and gain full time employment (in Human Resource Management or Industrial relations) and that was about it.... Pretty average when I compare it to where I am today. My life has completely changed since making my appearance as a One FC ring girl.

Rick: Since you’ve been with the One FC for almost a year now has that changed the way you look at MMA? Are you a fan now?

Christine: Definitely! I didn’t really know much to begin with. I always thought of it as a sport that men watch. Now I love MMA and the One FC and really get into it.

Rick: Do you distinctly recall the first time you stepped into a One FC cage? What were your thoughts and emotions? Were you nervous?

Christine: Yes I remember at the first event while I was waiting behind the curtains to make my entrance and I was SO nervous! I didn't really know what to expect or what the crowd would be like. I had never been on stage in front of that many people before and on live television.

Rick: Are you bothered by the catcalls?

Christine: I can't say I've heard any yet, the crowd has always been so respectful.

Rick:  How has your life changed since becoming a One FC ring girl? How so? Can you cite some examples?

Christine: Since joining One FC I have been travelling overseas at least once a month to attend press conferences, events and photo shoots. I've been fortunate enough to appear in many major magazines across Asia like Men's Health Singapore, FHM Singapore, FHM Philippines and on the cover of FHM Malaysia. I never saw this coming, it's definitely something I have always wanted to do but never thought it would happen.

Rick: Do people now recognize you as a One FC ring girl if you go to say the grocery or a mall?

Christine: In Australia I continue working my office job so nothing has really changed there. But in the Philippines... occasionally people have come up and ask for a photo and it's still such a surprise and compliment that someone would want a photo with me! For example, (during my recent visit in December) I joined the end of the queue at McDonalds and the lady at the front of the line called me over to her, she insisted I take her place as long as I promised to have a pic with her three sons! Haha!

Rick: What is the most unusual request you've received from a fan this year?

Christine: A fan sign! We don't really have these in Australia so it was pretty unusual! I was like a sign? Why does this person want me to give them a sign for? I was so flattered when I actually realized what this was.

Rick: All of a sudden you've got lots of interviews, appearances, etc. How are you taking in all of this?
Christine: I guess it's better than homework and assignments right? I really love it! I've been quite surprised at the amount of interviews and requests I have had.

Rick: Since you work at a multinational has anything changed for you there at work? Now that you are "known" as a One FC ring Girl?

Christine: Things haven't really changed at my day job as I like to keep this separate from the work I do for One FC.

Rick: What's next for you? I mean will you continue with One FC?

Christine: I would like to get into more modeling in the Philippines for 2014, so I'll be working on that as well as continue with One FC.

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