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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Short interview with Rufo Sanchez who airs his side of the story

Rick: The Stallion contract ended August 15. Stallion says that you violated your contract by signing a contract with Global in June or July. Is this true or false?

Rufo: False. I didn't sign any contract with any club when I was still with Stallions. You can look at my contract with global.

Rick: Stallion claims they have a chat and emails that they sent to you that you said you never got. What is your side on this?

Rufo: For emails, I didn't receive any. I talked with Filbert through Viber to ask for my salary and I said give me new terms for the contract to be renewed. I waited but he did not send me any.

And also, in the contract with Stallions, it says they should contact me through registered mail or hand carry to me only any communication. They did not do that.

Rick: Stallion says that you said you didn’t get the emails because you don’t use the email address anymore. But they claim that in June or July you email Cy Samson asking for a photo.

Rufo: I use same email. It is working. I did not receive any email from stallions re option to renew. You can try and email me to check.

My contract with Stallions is only for one year (Aug. 15, 2012 to Aug 15, 2013), option to renew for another year. When it expired Aug 15, they failed to renew or exercise option. No offers given, no messages to negotiate new contract. I told Filbert to send new terms. They never send me.

When they failed to do so, the contract was already finished. So they don't have to release me. I was free agent from Aug.16, 2013 onwards.

Rick: Have you signed with another club?

Rufo: Yes, of course I signed contract, I signed it September 1, 2013. They offered me after I said I am free agent.

I can send you my statement to UFL. Everything there for you to see.

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