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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A suggestion for FullyBooked on Lance Armstrong & Oscar Pistorius

It has been over a year since Lance Armstrong had his Tour de France titles stripped from him for doping.

It’s the same for paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius who was indicted for the murder of his girlfriend.

Aside from being disgraced athletes, the one thing they have in common is that their books are still available at Fully Booked.

Sure Pistorius may be disgraced and his previous accomplishments may have nothing to do with his book and life story but for Armstrong, his major achievements have all be struck from the record books for doping and cheating. I drop by Fully Booked at least twice a week and usually, I purchase something. As a loyal patron, I would like to suggest – if possible – that Fully Booked take Armstrong’s and Pistorius’ books off the shelves. They do not deserve to be carried by a reputable bookstore. Besides, who wants to read about fiction in the case of Armstrong? Go read JK Rowling or Dan Brown. But if you insist on keeping them on the shelves, maybe you can put them in the FICTION section. It's more appropriate.


And after the witch hunt against Armstrong, others remain free because USADA thinks it's done.

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  1. Hey Rick, actually Fully Booked has a new book now on Lance Armstrong and on how he duped everyone with his actions, it's prominently displayed in the New Lifestyle Arrivals section in Fully Booked BGC as you go up the 2nd floor via escalator you will see it immediately :)