Someone asked me how my blog and newspaper column came to be titled "Bleachers Brew". It's like this, it's an amalgam of sorts of two things: The bleachers area in the stadium/arena where I used to sit when I would watch baseball, football, and basketball games and Miles Davis' great jazz album Bitches Brew. That's how it got culled together. I originally planned on calling it "The View from the Big Chair" that is a nod to Tears For Fear's second album, Songs from the Big Chair. So there.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Statement from Sen. Pia Cayetano on the boycott at the UAAP swim meets

Statement from Senator Pia Cayetano on the boycott of some UAAP schools of some of the swimming events where Mikee Bartolome is competing for UP: "I condemn the boycott instigated by certain school officials  at the UAAP swimming competitions in support of the UAAP Board's brazen refusal to abide by the court rulings affirming Mikee Bartolome's right to swim in the school of her choice.

"There's nothing to gain from the boycott, except to send the message that the UAAP is too high and too proud to take orders from anyone, including from our honorable courts, even if they trample on the rights of student-athletes.

"By preventing the student-athletes from openly competing and showcasing their talents, the UAAP leadership is proving that promoting the dev't of the student-athletes is not their priority. Instead they would prefer to create a culture of protectionism  in support of their narrow institutional interests.

"Sabotaging the swimming competitions will not resolve this issue. Now, not only Mikee but the rest of the student swimmers as well are suffering from the UAAP leadership's intransigence.

"This is a sad sad day in Philippine sports."


  1. Sabe na, pilosopohan na lang ang nangyari. Na TRO yong Pinggoy Rule kaya balik daw sa Soc Rivera na 1-year. dapat kinlaro ng court ruling na yong TRO applies to any residency requirement which will make even the previous (or status quo prior to this new ridiculous rule) moot and academic. Even Sen Pia didn't see it coming.

  2. It's Montinola's fault. He had his way with Soc Rivera rule. And in bitterness, and as a punitive measure, he made the residency rule more 'biting' to the extent of the ridiculous. What UP and other schools should work at now is just bring back the old rule. Repeal the residency requirement of 2 years. 1 year is enough. And Bartolome should pay her dues of sitting it out a year just like all the others not given the release. No one as yet has been affected by the Pinggoy Rule. Repeal it before it does.