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Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Coach Bo Perasol being suspended a second time

On Coach Bo Perasol being suspended a second time
by rick olivares

So there will be no forfeiture of Ateneo’s win over UE but Bo Perasol will be suspended for the match between the Blue Eagles and the UST Growling Tigers next Tuesday.

Let’s go back to the facts of the case. Perasol is suspended for the match due to the events after the La Salle game. But it turns out that he was at the Ateneo dugout of the Mall of Asia Arena and tried to join the team post-game.

On the other side, suspended UE Red Warrior Ralf Olivares who was out for his infractions during a loss to NU was seated behind the bench also violating a rule.

Ateneo was said to have asked the permission of the host school (Adamson) and the assistant commissioner (Ato Badolato) for Perasol to be at the dugout of which it was supposedly approved.

As for Olivares, the rules stipulate that a suspended player cannot be in the vicinity of the bench or some such.

This is my beef with the UAAP’s Rules and Regulations.

Through the years, there has been so much gray matter that is open to interpretation by the member schools. I asked one board member about these confusing rules and he said that they are getting their acts together. The question is, why only now?

The league has so many rules from ID cards to uniforms to eligibility to suspensions that everyone needs a rulebook to serve as a scorecard. There is this person banned from the league but he’s been seen at the games on a few occasions.

If there were players who were previously suspended but were in the venue, I find it hard to believe that there was a slip in the enforcement of the rules. But granted that there were slip-ups. So that lapse also falls unto the respective schools and the commissioner’s office.

If I may borrow a quote from a former league commissioner who shall not be named but weighed in his thoughts about the matter, “Reprimand Ateneo and UE and also send a warning to the other schools also guilty of having suspended players at the venue. But there should be no forfeiture.”

I am in total agreement. Now, why suspend Bo for this? Is Olivares going to be suspended. What for and why? No need for that. If you are going to suspend them then suspend every one else since it’s a technicality.

But then again, I think that Ateneo was wrong in asking if he could be there regardless if he was granted permission or not. You see, there’s an existing rule that stipulates that a suspended member of the team cannot be there. Even if other schools were doing it that doesn’t mean we should do it. When Joe Lipa was suspended for throwing that chair on the court, he watched the next Ateneo game from a restaurant. He only met up with the team afterwards.

And I figure the suspension was levied was because Perasol may have had contact with the players and he could have issued instructions etc. The UAAP Board may have felt that Perasol didn't properly serve out his suspension. As for the other players, they have no influence on the outcome of the match hence, merely a slap on the wrist.

At least that is how I interpret it.

Now, we should never give opposing schools bullets to take shots at us. Furthermore, I honestly felt that it was something that could possibly distract the players.

In a season that has been filled with white noise this is something that could have been avoided. It’s like a useless foul, you know. We do not need this shit. Let the focus be on the games.

But as a wise man once said, “what is done is did” so we have no choice but to comply. No use crying over spilled milk. Time to do all the talking on the basketball court (and I don't mean trash talking).

Now can the next few games be all about basketball?


  1. Rick,

    Obviously everyone involved has some fault or the other including the other schools who had players present. I guess it all boils down to the board finding a way out of a sticky situation. Lets just take solace in the fact that this could have deteriorated into an untenable situation but it did not.

    Distractions over. Let's play!

  2. The mitigating circumstances were : Olivares' presence, the tech com's and Adu's permissions. Maybe they should just add a clause/phrase to that section blah...blah..."UNLESS given prior permission by the technical committee and/or the host school." lol

  3. Why would they allow the coach to be in the dugout? Especially when half-life buzzer sounds. And why would the admu ask permission to the board or host school or assistant commissioner if they know that the coach is suspended?

    Besides, R. Olivares can do nothing in that game. Because a suspended player cannot contribute for the team, but a coach can.

    The coach should be suspended for two games:

    One for being in the dugout despite being suspended and sending instructions to his players through Ms. Selina Dagdag.

    And another one for violating the game suspension seved by the board. A presence of a suspended coach is more of a violation than a presence of a suspended player.

    So it shiuld be 2. And not 1.

    They should learn from this, and evaluate their rules. Because the uaap board still needs a protest from rhe opposing team just for then to notice that a clear violation was made.

  4. Please tell that palou that the next games should be all about basketball. If you come to think of it si palou and the rest of those overly eager ateneans naman tlg ang nagsspark ng lahat ng dramang ito. You are just lucky enough that you get favored all the time. Mas ok na nga sana next year umalis na lahat ng schools sa uaap. Iwan nalang ang ateneo para di na nila kailangan gumawa pa ng kung anu anong issue at drama masungkit lang ang championship. Just sooo annoying and unfair that lahat ng paraan ginagawa na magkachance lang ang ateneo for a 6 peat. Suspending a lot of ue players just to lessen their chances of getting into the final 4. Favored for breaks in the game. This time favored again from escaping forfeiture. And add to that the stubborn hypocrite palou wanting dlsu reps out of the board. Wow. Just wow. So this is the ateneo way. If the dlsu reps were not eligible then why complain just now? Because you are already hanging on a thread for a final 4 life? Because u wanna divert attention of your breaking the rule to others. Bravo ateneo. I didn't expect you guys to act that low.

    1. Sino ba ang nagsimula nito? Di ba UE ang natalo sa laro?

    2. Hey, you sound like a La Sallite ... or a La Sallian I should say... identity crisis lol. Don't you guys have your own bag of dirty tricks! Stop preaching!

    3. First of all, UE players wouldn't have been suspended if they didn't do anything wrong. I don't get why people forget to notice that the UE players actually DID commit those fouls. Everyone's acting like they were angels on the court and then blame the other schools and the league for the suspensions. And secondly, Ateneo wasn't the only one to benefit from those suspensions. During the time when suspensions were handed out, UST, DLSU, ADMU, even NU were still gunning for the top 4 spot. It's funny how everyone singles out ADMU, when in fact other schools also benefitted and others more than ADMU. Everyone seems to have tunnel vision and only see Ateneo as the culprit when clearly there are so many other reasons out there. If you're so hell bent on preventing a 6-peat then play for it and may the best team win.

  5. "But then again, I think that Ateneo was wrong in asking if he could be there regardless if he was granted permission or not. You see, there’s an existing rule that stipulates that a suspended member of the team cannot be there. Even if other schools were doing it that doesn’t mean we should do it." This is so right sir.

  6. My take would be, that everyone SHOULD FOLLOW THE RULES and be consistent about it. No special treatment BS.

    The way I see it, the way the Board handles this is no different from our politicians who govern this damn country.

    I'd rather watched a team who gives their all on playing to win rather then winning because of "politics" or makeing unnecessary excuses in the UAAP. And I'm talking in a "general" sense peeps, I'm not name dropping any teams in particular.

    This is sports, not politics, so suck it up and play the damn game like we the fans love to see.

  7. You did not even mention anything about the 48hour rule! They should suspend you for not knowing that!

    Yu also did not quote the forfeiture rule in the RULEBOOK in your article about coaches suspended.

    Akala mo kase mapapaikot mo kame sa article mo, you quoted what people said pa in the board meeting??????

    Kaya nga may RULEBOOK so that wala nang usap usap, forfeit na agad! Kaya your article does not have enough meat at all!

    Kung abogado ka, the judge will over rule you faster than u can sober up.

    And Atayde did not take it personally, you did!seriously, it made you look bad. Babanat ka pa ng article, but its ok, because you can always talk your way into embarrassment, you don't even know it.

    1. Tangina ang bobo mo. Hindi naman yun ang point ng sinulat ko. And why are you even bringing in people into the piece when I never even wrote about them? You cannot have two forfeitures since UE also made an error sa player nila.

    2. Ang bobobo ng mga nag cocomment dito ng "RULES ARE RULES", sir Rick. In favor daw sa'tin ang UAAP board. Haha kung in favor sa'tin ang board, they would've kept an eye on all the other schools' violations. Tama nga naman, rules are rules. E bakit hindi na raise ang forfeiture nung nanood si Thomas Torres nung Ateneo-La Salle? Rules are rules nga dapat, e bakit kelangan pa mag seek ng clarification para forfeit ang W? Oha? In favor pa? Remember Javillonar? Pinadugo ilong ni Elorde, tas tinulak si Teng! Tapos ano? Wala lang? The board let it all slip. In favor pala ha. Mga utak talangka. Yung board naman ata walang alam sa basketball e. Ni wala nga atang alam sa uaap. Pasensya na sir Rick ha, pero ang bobobo talaga nung mga nag comment dito.

  8. And you know what, sir Rick? Palou just showed how much of a pussy other teams are. Sabi sila ng sabi ng rules are rules, at may 24-48 hour window para mag file ng complaint. Ano yun? They think they got away, but damn they are cowards. So alam na ng lahat na nag ka violation ang lasal, feu, ue at ateneo and even nu...diba? The violators should do whats right. Rules are rules nga e, diba? E bakit hindi nila i-forfeit yung mga W's nila voluntarily? Just disregard the 24-48 hour rule. Come to think of it. The 24-48 hour rule contradicts all other violations. Let's say may clear violation, bakit kelangan pa ng complaint?