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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Olsen Racela thanks brother Nash Racela (Gilas assistant coach) and Gilas for the win vs Korea

When Olsen Racela trooped to the free throw line with less than 30 seconds left in the game with the Philippines leading Korea 68-66, I thought this was a done deal. Racela after all, was one of the best free throw shooters in the country. Incredibly, he missed both. Lee Min Sang drained the blood out of everyone (myself included) when he knocked in a triple for the win, 69-68. 

For today's semifinals match between the Philippines and Korea, Gilas Pilipinas assistant coach Nash Racela, saved a ticket for his older brother, Olsen. But Olsen never picked up the ticket. After the Philippines ended years of frustration by beating a tough Korean team, 86-79, the Racela brothers (including youngest bro, Wally, who is now based in the United States) texted one another.

Here is a pic of those simple text messages of the brothers.

Nash: Spain it is! (airplane icon)

Tito O (Olsen): Salamat sa resbak cots! I lab u.

Wally Cel (Mwah mwah tsup tsup)

Nash: Yup. Para sayo yun!! (fist bump)


  1. As much as this has redeemed Olsen somewhat, it's Uichico who's probably the more redeemed: not only did the Philippines finally break the curse, he had the opportunity to do it...personally, as part of the Gilas staff.
    This is something Olsen, Rajko, and others did not have to opportunity to do.

    1. That is an odd statement. WHo said that the win was redemption for Olsen and company? It was more of a dedication. Don't read anything more into something than need be.

    2. Actually, Toroman had the opportunity as early as in 2011 to break it. Again, free throws did us in. But then that was just battle for bronze.

  2. good one rick i agree

  3. The feeling is more like Adu's against Admu in the UAAP :) when they finally broke the "jinx". Theirs was 1 year more I think. And the feeling was like the 3-peat. Against all odds and taller foes, Admu prevailed.

    I know that seemed like our championship already. But I'm just curious --- if we play as well and as intense as our games against Kaz and Kor, we have a chance at a close game against Iran, prolly even win. Iran has not been challenged here. We should keep it within single digit if we have to go down.

    Grats and really so proud of the boys. Proud to be pinoy!

  4. Dude I love your blog, you always come up with the most interesting articles. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. My best wishes to you, sir.

  5. That was a touching exchange between the bros. You could really feel the love and warmth between them bonded, at this time, through basketball. Last night was really a very special feeling. I had my heart ripped off my chest by that last second three in 2002.
    Kagabi, it was the most times I called on Kuya Jess and Mama Mary for a basketball game, especially when the Koreans went up by 2 in the 4th..hehe Sabi siguro nila sobrang kulit ko na.. And when I saw the clock was down to 40 secs I guess, nagulat ako kasi nagsimula na ako maiyak..sarap ng feeling! Salamat Gilas! Laban Pilipinas!