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Monday, July 15, 2013

Breaking down Ateneo Team B's first Fr. Martin's Cup game

Breaking down Ateneo Team B's first Fr. Martin's Cup game
by rick olivares

Ateneo Team B got off to a slow start in its Fr. Martin’s Cup II campaign with a highly physical Diliman Computer Technology Institute before thrashing them in a high scoring third quarter to a huge 68-42 win at the San Beda College.

This game featured the debuts of Ponso Gotladera, Jerie Pingoy, as well as Africans Ikeh and Ewenike. Not much to glean from the team since it is their first game together. I like the heart (that this team has always been known for) and their defensive hustle. 

Pingoy of course is the real deal. Like I wrote a long time ago (and everyone followed suit), he reminds me of a young Johnny Abarrientos complete with the head and should fake the shiftiness, the stutter step and killer crossover.

Gotladera needs to be a lot quicker when that ball gets dumped down in the post. He can’t bring the ball down or else it will be swiped.

Ikeh has a tremendous upside. He’s mobile. Has some moves. His a 15-foot jumper. Faked off his man then drove in. Once he learns the game more he’ll be of a huge asset. And regarding another ACET, I am proud to learn that he did very well in the ACET. Nice!

Ewenike got lost a lot in the offensive and defensive schemes. Along with Ikeh, I though back to a young Jean Mbe when I would go to the NU practices during his residency year. He didn’t really know how to play. Mbe, like fellow Cameroonian Karim Abul is a football player.

Our own Africans will need a really good big man to teach them.

Adornado… why isn’t this guy in Team A? No defense? Really now. This guy paid his dues. He should be in that team. I love this guy’s guts. His fearlessness. If you only saw him in practice you should see him during games. I’ve seen him not only play here in Ateneo’s Manila games but out of town as well (Roxas City for the Uni-Games).

Mark Gamboa. If he can develop that jumpshot and trey of his he’ll be huge.

Ace Basas. Love the athleticism. Needs to work on his jumpshot too. Take it to the rack, Ace!

I know Tomas Ramos has been hitting the study books a lot but if he is able to practice enough, he should make the team and gives us what we lost when Paolo Romero went to the other side of Katipunan.

Ateneo 69 - Adornado 13, Pingoy 9, Ikeh 8, Labao 7, Belonia 4, Sacluti 4, Go 4, Gotladera  3, Sollano 3, Cabahug 2, Ramos 2, Basas 2, Cu 2, Atilano 2, Armenion 2, Branzuela 1, Gamboa 1, Mercado 0, Ewenike 0.

Here are their other individual stats:
Adornado  1 assist 3 steals
Belenio 1 rebound 1 assist 2 steals 1 TO
Gotladera 8 rebounds 1 steal 1 block 4 TOs
Ikeh 8 rebounds 1 steal 1 TO
Gamboa 4 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal
Cabahug 1 rebound 1 assist
Ewenike 5 rebounds 1 block
Go 5 rebounds 3 TOs
Ramos 4 rebounds 1 TO
Labao 1 rebound 1 TO
Pingoy 1 rebound 2 steals 1 TO
Armenion 1 assist 1 steal 1 TO
Basas 2 rebounds 1 steal 1 TO
Sacluti 1 rebound
Branzuela 2 assists
Sollano 2 rebounds


After the game, I got to talk to two players who I am helping recruit for the Blue and White. Yes! Next year.


  1. "Adornado… why isn’t this guy in Team A?"

    My thoughts exactly. And to think Team A right now needs more scoring options.

  2. Bro, What happened to John Lasa

    1. Can't play on account of grades. Not even on Team B. He has to get them up. Those are Ateneo rules by the way and not UAAP.

  3. how about Paul Siarot and Rob Roa?

  4. Rob Roa is in Siargao as part of his commitment to his christian community. Like Mr. Lasa, Siarot has to sit out to get his grades in order.

  5. Hi sir is there a website to see teh full stats of every game or team? really want to check out
    DLSU's and NU's Team B's. thanks!

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, wala. The only stats taken officially are the points. Everything else is sariling sikap.

  6. so who are most likely to make the team next year? are the africans ready for next season?

  7. Hi sir rick! I have the same question as to why joma adornado isn't in team A. is there a possibility he can move to team A next season? i hope he is one of those players whom you are helping recruit for the blue and white next year!

  8. Good day Sir Rick, kailan po Schedule ng Perpetual Help B?.sana po maipost nyo din po Results ng games nila.
    Thank you..

  9. Hi sir rick, may i ask whatever happened to alec rivera, jv dumrique, ael banal? they were so good in their high school days

    1. Ael Banal is with Victory Christian University Eagles in the U.S.

      The Dumrique brothers (JV and Chuckie)have migrated to Canada.

      Alec Rivera has already graduated.