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Monday, July 1, 2013

Brazil defeats Spain to win the Confederations Cup but... (yes, there's a but)

As if he isn’t already a star… Neymar (along with Fred) lead Brazil to an incredible 3-0 beating of world champions Spain at the Confederations Cup finals at the Maracaña.

They pressed, never allowed Spain to get their offense going, and had terrific ideas in the final third.

Spain could have pulled a goal back but Sergio Ramos muffed his penalty shot (off a Marcelo foul on Jesus Navas inside the box). It didn’t help La Roja that center back Gerard Pique was sent off for a tackle on Neymar (justly so as he was the final man between him and Iker Casillas).

Happy for Brazil but here's the brutal truth. Each time Brazil has won the Confederations Cup... they lost in the succeeding World Cup.

1997 Confed Cup champs 6-0 over Australia.
1998 World Cup they lose to Zidane and France 3-0

2005 Confed Cup champs 4-1 over Argentina
2006 World Cup France knocks them out of the q'finals 1-0 via Thierry Henry's goal

2009 Confed Cup champs with a 3-2 win over the United States
2010 World Cup the Netherlands sends them packing 2-1 via pair of goals by Wesley Sneijder

2013 Confed Cups champs with a 3-0 win over Spain
2014 World Cup....?


  1. Regardless of history, I think Brazil's biggest problem come 2014 will be finding a true no. 9 to lead their line. Fred came up big in this Confed Cup but somehow I doubt he'll be in the same form in a year's time.

    1. As long as Fred continues that kind of form, then he can be that no.9, what is crucial here is the partnership of Gustavo-Paulinho is the key, they are the enforcers who willingly play out and attack and track back on defense and plug on all the gaps. Brazil did play their cards right defensively, that was one hell of an up tempo, in your face, smash mouth pressure defense they did on the WC and European champs. The coaching staff played the right cards. Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Nice statistics analysis but nowadays it does not really hold water, but here's the sad truth, Spain being world champs does not simply have the fire power up front and that seriously needs to be rectified. Brazil on the other hand is not even really a great side compared to the previous line ups it had fielded before. But then again they are playing on home turf so that will be an advantage for them. Usually hosts tend to play well. Team to beat would be Germany they may not be playing well now but they always play better during the WC. But then again this is football and surprises do come a lot. A lot of things can still happen until the WC, and this has got me drooling already.. Hehehe!!

    1. It does not hold water? Until Brazil wins in a year after a Confed Cup win then this still stands. And their previous lineups didn't win anything so what are you talking about?

    2. still germany failed to live up to there name , big game for big boys . trademark . it doesn't matter how strong the opponent germany still prevail as underdogs , but not nowadays they "lebrick" on big games / big moments . which is not a typical german football .

      statistics does hold water .

  3. Langya, yan ang sinusulat mo eh ang sports news eh kung papaano nilampaso ng nu at ng "friends" mong sina parks at mbe ang ateneo?