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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alfred Aroga is out of NU's line-up and this is gonna hurt

Alfred Aroga is out of NU’s line-up and this is gonna hurt
by rick olivares

Cameroonian Alfred Aroga is out of National University’s line-up. Now that is a huge blow to the Bulldogs’ UAAP campaign. With his addition and strong play, I penciled them in as top dog to unseat Ateneo. His not being a part of the lineup means that they will be missing his inside presence and polished game. And that drops this team from a prohibitive pick to just a mere contender. And I am not saying that in the wake of their loss to UE. I always wondered about their mental fortitude come UAAP time.

Aroga brought depth and more consistent scoring punch. I like Jean Mbe but having two of them is like double trouble for all. Their frontline really is just Mbe and Troy Rosario when he shows up.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things I want to point out about this.

One, why weren’t his papers fixed right away? If he had at all served his proper residency that means two years. So that is more than enough time to fix his papers.

The fact that NU placed him in the lineup doesn’t look good at all. Was he being sneaked in?

I spoke with a member of the UAAP’s eligibility committee and while deliberating on Aroga’s papers, they asked for the passport. This member said instead of NU handing it over to them, it was given to UAAP President Fr. Max Rendon (upsetting at least this board member who will remain nameless).

Look, I have been battling the UAAP board for all their questionable decisions and policies through the years. Here’s a word of advice. The league is now a huge business entity. It’s time you asked a more professional group to run it while you retain oversight. You guys all are looking out for yourselves and not really what is right and just.

If Aroga’s papers are not fixed, I’d slap NU silly with some heavy sanction whether he is allowed to play or not. And let’s be honest here, it isn’t only Aroga that there are whispers about being ineligible.

Second, concern is – who dropped the ball on this for NU? His missing means that NU is one man short in their line-up. Not only is he literally a big but a big loss. Someone did not due their due diligence. Of course, if any head will roll that is internal to their school. But that’s gotta hurt.

And that brings to three the total number of UAAP teams that have less than 16 players – La Salle, UP, and now, NU.


Spoke with someone from NU. This is what he says:
Aroga has been enrolled in NU for two years now. At one point, he was deported because his papers were not fixed. But that has been since sorted out enabling him to rejoin NU by September of that first year of eligibility. As far as NU is concerned, Arogas has completed two years or four semesters of study. The UAAP disputes that and says it needs to be two calendar years. 

Once more the rule book is open to interpretation. 


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  1. Win at all costs has its costs! Dun pa rin ako sa win or lose, it's the school we choose!