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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hong Kong Diary June 14

Hong Kong (June 14) -- It has been a year since I took any of my kids out of the country and this one couldn't be any more fortuitous for personal reasons. When I go out of the country say with Loyola or for the One FC I am on work mode whether I make any side trips or not. Here in the former British Crown Colony, I'm tuning out any work so none of you bother me because I am not going to reply. 

The flight in wasn't the best, a couple of kids were bawling make it very unpleasant and irritating. Then we encountered turbulence three times including one where the plane dropped for a couple of feet throwing any drinks all over the place. So that made glad to be back on terra firma and in Hong Kong, my old stomping grounds. I really do love this place. Prepared me for the hustle and bustle of New York City (but that is altogether marching along to different beat). 

I really wanted to book in an expensive hotel. It isn't every day where I get to stay in one but practicality ruled. When abroad, you don't really stay much inside your hotel room as you're often out. So... I paid for a room - a small one mind you -- at the old Mirador Mansions (a stone's throw away from where I once lived here). The price is cheap and that allows me a little more financial flexibility. And the location is perfect as I am right in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. We didn't take the train or a cab going to the city either. A regular city bus (A21) that costs HK $33 each. So it's a money saver.

It has been raining for days now and Friday isn't any different. I'm forced to buy an umbrella just to get around between buildings. And that puts Ocean Park for Saturday in question. Yes, the forecast is for more rain. It's not fun watching outdoor events with rain pouring all over you and you have to hold an umbrella (and you're wet anyways so...).

We checked out tickets prices for the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins concert this August (yes, I am watching). Then went to some of the usual haunts - HMV and Hong Kong Records and Page One. In case you don't know, I am a huge music fan and have a massive CD collection. I also am an avid reader who collects books I like as well.

The pull list for me: Marley (the soundtrack from the Bob Marley movie that is at 60% off), Ra Ra Riot's Beta Love, Sevendust's Black Out the Sun, as well as Killswitch Engage's The End of Heartache and Daft Punk's Discovery (to replace the copies I lost during Ondoy). It's the summer sale so prices are down. As for DVD's, I picked up rather luckily (as I have waited for this for months now) Being Liverpool  (the first documentary and in depth look at an English Premier League team. Kinda pricey but there it is) and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I got the Nick and Norah at Hong Kong Records. Always compare prices coz it is much cheaper at HK Records!

We also dropped by the exhibition of world-famous Japanese manga film director and animator Hayao Miyazaki at the Donguri Republic store at Harbour City. Miyazaki directed some of my fave maga films like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, and Spirited Away. As lovers of art, we also hope to drop by the Hong Kong Museum of Art this Saturday. But it sure was fun going to the Miyazaki exhibit where there were a lot of people checking out what was on display.

For the HK Museum, they've got on display pottery of the Tea Ware competition (this takes me back to my Practical Arts classes during my elementary days) and the Google Art Project.

Bought some clothes at Giordano at the Miramar Shopping Centre. We also checked out the sports stores in the TST area and right now, the NBA is on heavy promotion. They've got on sale here the "Los Bulls" and "Los Lakers"NBA jerseys and shirts (the Latin versions of the jerseys). Kinda pricey. But the one I would buy if it were available is the "Los Suns".

Lastly, we had dinner with old friend, Mike Yu at BLT Burger. In case you don't know, BLT Burger is a hamburger restaurant that opened its first branch along Sixth Avenue in New York City. It also has a store in Las Vegas and in Hong Kong where it opened last year (there's also a second outlet at Causeway Bay). He picked up his copy of the book I worked on FIVE (the Ateneo Five-peat in the UAAP) and of course, we caught up with what's new in our own lives. In my last visit in HK, I stayed at Mike's place. 

At the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit for the Donguri Republic store at Harbour City

With good friend Mike Yu at BLT Burger

On being a Liverpool fan -- the latest issue of the LFC magazine and the Being Liverpool DVD that I bought at HMV (the mag at Page One)

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