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Friday, June 28, 2013

Doing more with Bianca Gonzalez & Phil Younghusband

Doing more with Bianca Gonzalez & Phil Younghusband
by rick olivares

“How do you find the time for this?”

Television and media personality Bianca Gonzalez gets asked that question “maybe every other day” she says with a smile even if she got up at 3:30am and it’s about 3:30 in the afternoon.

“I know it’s terrible,” she confesses. “I have a morning show then I am off to shoots, interviews… Every day’s different. Like after this I am running off to interview Kiefer Ravena. There’s newspaper and magazine work. Meetings. Dinner with friends or with JC (Intal, her boyfriend). If I am lucky my day ends at 7 or 8pm. If it does I can go to bed at 10pm.”

So she has at least four and a half hours left in her workday for Thursday (June 27) after the press launch for the new Rexona campaign of “Do More”.

In the meantime, she’s fielding her twelfth and last interview for the day (that’s me). We talk abut the campaign that challenges people to be open to possibilities, to keep busy, to seek adventure, and to go the extra mile and to push one’s limits.

“When I first saw the campaign I was instantly sold,” reveals Gonzalez who despite being interviewed for like the twelfth time still is as joyous as when she accommodated the media. “It may be cool but being more than pa-trendy or cool or wanting to be in, this speaks to me. Dati ang konti ng multi-hyphenates na blogger-model, student-athletes and so on. Now everyone does something more. It’s not difficult if you love it. And of course, if you’re focused.”

Gonzalez isn’t the only one endorsing Rexona. There’s also football superstar Phil Younghusband, another workaholic. “Do More’ is about following your dreams and your passions. One thing I am lucky enough to do is my job is my passion. Everything I do whether coaching or playing gives me happiness. It doesn’t feel like work. I try to do a bit more to make myself better,” shares Phil.

But even the veteran football international is quick to accede that Gonzalez is on another level.

“I can’t even do half of what she does,” Younghusband says in amazement about Bianca who hosts Umagang Kay Ganda and Pinoy Big Brother among others. She is an editor-at-large for Meg magazine and is a columnist for the Philippine Star. She’s also a UNICEF Philippines Child Supporter and that in itself has it share of responsibilities. “In between there are endless shoots, interviews, and meetings,” she throws in while offering a smile.

Phil shakes his head.

But Gonzalez too learns a thing or two from the Fil-Briton who normally has 14-hour workdays. “Siguro like what Phil said, ‘If you enjoy every single thing you do because you love it - even if you aren’t that good at it – then it doesn’t feel as tiring. It’s a happy pagod in a way.”

Both were instantly sold on the new Rexona campaign because they felt it was something they could identify with. “

“I like it because it pushes everyone to be more something. Especially with the social media. Even an ordinary person can be a cyber celebrity. Sayang naman your life if you are not doing a lot of things.”

Younghusband’s day is no different. There are the two football roles of player for Loyola and as coach for the Chelsea Soccer School. In between he has all these interviews, shoots, and events to attend to.

“If I can sneak in a nap in between I am fine. But what keeps things in perspective is having great people around you to help.”

Being around positive people helps Younghusband go about his duties. The burden of being unable to lead Loyola to the promised land that is a UFL title is there. There’s also playing for the national team that is increasingly becoming the hunted by cautious and wary regionals rivals.

“It’s difficult but you have to just get up because tomorrow is another day.”

And at times, tomorrow cannot come soon enough. In a few weeks’ time, Phil and older brother James will have a reunion of sorts with former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho in Thailand (for the Chelsea Soccer School). “I’m excited. I wasn’t able to say goodbye properly when we left. But now, it’s a reunion with one of the game’s best managers. And I’m excited.”

For the 30-year old Gonzalez, it’s also finding and treating oneself to life’s little rewards. “You have to look forward to life’s rewards. For me it’s a trip out of town. I love traveling. It doesn’t have to be out of the country. Like yesterday, it was a long and tiring day. There was a McDonald’s in the lobby of the building where I was. I got myself a burger and a drink and tama na yun. You just enjoy it. I did.”

I conclude the interview. And Gonzalez by her lonesome sits and enjoys a late lunch. For Younghusband, he has to sit in for a meeting for the upcoming Clear Dream Match II.

The day is far from done.

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