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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UFL Power Rankings for the Week of April 23-27

UFL Division One Power Rankings
Week of April 23-27
by rick olivares and bob guerrero

Stallion – Now in a unique position to win the UFL’s first double (the Cup and the League). Started out the season with a suspect bench but instead have become an even better team than the one that won the cup). With over 10 players scoring, they are simply the most dangerous team in the UFL.

Global – No disrespect to the defending champs but save for their last outing, they looked shaky for a few matches. All of a sudden those injuries hurt. However, they rebounded by putting the hurt on Nomads to get back on track.

Loyola - Still has yet to prove it can beat the top sides in the UFL – Stallion, Global, and Kaya. They’ll have to win all three of their second round meetings if they want to win the league.

Kaya – Have come on strong since David Perkovic took over. Disappointing result in their last match though against Green Archers United.

Pachanga-Diliman – Noel Marcaida however has done this team right. They’re going in the right direction. But they need more spunk in their game. Imagine this, before they had Janrick Soriano and Jovin Bedic in their lineup but didn’t know how to use them. Now the two are doing well for their new clubs.

Pasargad – You don’t know what team is going to come out for every game. Is it the one that played Global tough before going down? Is this the club that looked great during the PFF Smart National Club Championships? Or is it the one that was crushed 5-1 by Stallion. Consistency is one of the many things this club needs to address.

Green Archers United – No team has been more snakebit than GAU. Six of their matches have been decided in the last 10 minutes of play. If they can fix their offense they’ll be okay. The addition of Raymark Fernandez helps but what they need is a honest to goodness system and not the craziness they employ during practice.

Nomads – This team is reeling. The good showing in the first round is a memory. Now they’re on a five-game losing skid. Practices three times a week aren’t going to help one bit. Plus, the other players have to learn how to pass. The truth is, if Air Force were anywhere near its old team and form, Nomads would be down in the relegation zone.

Air Force – They’ve got their second wind. Two consecutive victories and a strong showing against Global will do that for a club that has been battered like never before. A win and a draw will pull them up to safety.

Army - This team is actually a talented one that can compete for the first 20 minutes before sinking into a quagmire of fouls and rough play. It’s panic time for this veteran team. 


  1. Hi Rick.

    If ever Stallion wins, how will they play in AFC President's Cup? There are rules regarding foreigners right? There are only a handful of locals there

    1. I think same case with global last season .

  2. We added local players during the window. We still plan to add more local players after this season. Anyway, what I am proud of besides our record is that we have 12 goal scorers already for Stallion Sta Lucia FC (Rufo, Doctora, Joo Young, Kim, Won Hyung, Park, Alquiros, Joaco, Bervic, Diego, Matsunaga, and Prince Boley). We have 3 UAAP players on our squad ( Nierras, Felongco, Alquiros). Alquiros is the highest goal scorer of all UAAP players in the UFL right now. Some people questioned my decisions during March window, but we've proven them all wrong. We make decisions based on what will be good for StallionFC. We have no superstars on the squad. What we have are 25 team players! And yes Matthew is my son, and Nathan is my nephew. Nathan Alquiros is the son of one of StallionFC's owner, Filbert Alquiros.