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Friday, March 22, 2013

Roy Moore, Bob Guerrero and me choose our UFL starting XI (before the end of the first round)

Before the halfway point of the UFL season, we chose our starters for our All-UFL XI

Rick Olivares
Roland Sadia

Jerry Barbaso    Joaco Cañas    Rodrigue Nembot    Delon Patrick Yao

Patrick Reichelt    OJ Porteria   Mark Hartmann    Lee Joo Young

Rufo Sanchez    Izzo El Habbib

I cannot say enough of Jerry Barbaso as a footballer. I think that the two best players in the UFL that are not on the national team are Barbaso and Mark Hartmann. I have been tooting the horn for these two guys for so long now I am beginning to sound like a broken record. DP Yao -- gotta love this guy! Rarely makes mistakes. Blindingly fast on the overlap. Terrific with his booming shots and a threat up front.

Some will say that Sadia cannot be the best goalkeeper when he is defended by the best back line in the country. If you have seen him play you will know just how good he is. Against Stallion on a night when Global didn't have it, he saved his team's behind with a bunch of spectacular saves.  

OJ Porteria has become a creative force for Kaya and he makes my squad. Lee Joo Young has been solid as a facilitator, as a defender, and as an attacker.

What else can I say about Rufo and Izzo?

Roy Moore
Patrick Deyto

Jerry Barbaso    Park Min Ho    Angge Guisso    Jeffrey Christiaens

Patrick Reichelt    Carli de Murga   Mark Hartmann    Lee Joo Young

Rufo Sanchez    Izzo El Habbib

Bob Guerrero
Ref Cuaresma

Jerry Barbaso    Joaco Cañas    Masa Omura    Delon Patrick Yao

Lee Joo Young    Mark Hartmann    Boyet Cañedo    Jeffrey Christiaens

Rufo Sanchez    Izzo El Habbib 

Our common choices?

Jerry Barbaso,  Mark Hartmann, Lee Joo Young, Rufo Sanchez and Izzo El Habbib!


  1. Mine:
    Ref Cuaresma
    Barbaso, Yves, Joaco, Omura

    Jeong, Young, Hartmann, Arroyo

    Phil Younghusband and Rufo Sanchez

    El Habbib is a joke..

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  2. here's mine:


    Barbaso -- Joaco -- Taher -- Christiaens

    Reichelt -- Starosta -- Mark Hartmann -- Porteria

    Rufo -- Izo

  3. Deyto
    Barbaso , Joaco Cañas ,Kim Hyo
    Patrick Reichelt , Mark Hartmann , Lee Joo Young , Jeffrey Christiaens
    Rufo , Izzo , Porteria