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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bulletin for Ateneo Football League Season 3 participants

AFL will retain its divisions from the past season.

Seniors (40 and above)
31-and-above (The concern here is – should the age be 35 and above?)
Mixed Fun Divisions
College-High School Division (But the High School Division could possibly be separate if there are at least four teams.)

LINE-UPS. The AFL allows lineups of 20 players. Additional Php200 per player over the 20-man lineup allowed.

Players may play for several teams provided they are in the proper division and age group.

Players with NO teams at the moment may inform the league so we may post your names on the AFL bulletin board. We can help point you to a team in need of players.

Teams may now add anyone who is a part of the Ateneo-Jesuit community. Meaning the husband of a teacher in the high school or someone who works at the college administration office is allowed. But they must submit a photocopy of their employment or relationship to the Ateneo employee. No proof. No play.

Teams must submit their lineups and register by March 1. This will help the tournament director in crafting the schedules.

Teams requesting for a late tournament debut must send their requests to the AFL before the final skeds are worked out. By kickoff, the sked presented is FINAL.

JOINING FEE. The AFL has increased its team participation fee to Php17,000 with a refundable Php3,000 bond. The increase is for better medical services. We believe that is something we do not want to scrimp on.

Teams must pay before or on the day of kickoff.

KICKOFF. The AFL Season 3 kickoff is March 16 at the Ateneo High School. The early kickoff is to allow leeway when it comes to cancellations due to weather.

TRANSFER WINDOW. Transfer window will be in April. Teams made add, drop, trade, or loan players in the one-week window. Teams have to inform AFL that has to approve the transfers (we will verify if they are in the proper division and have no pro experience).

AFL PATCH. Teams may get their own sponsors but it is MANDATORY THAT THE AFL PATCH BE ON THE SLEEVE. No AFL patch. No play.

As a service and bonus for the AFL family, there will be a football camp held in the morning of Opening Day. This will be for the children (below third year high school level) and for free. AFL players who wish to have their children attend the camp must register (FOR FREE) their children ahead of time so we know how many instructors there will be).

GUEST TEAMS. Guest teams save for those in corporate set-ups will be allowed. The caveat there is there MUST BE AT LEAST THREE ATENEANS IN THE LINEUP AND MUST BE PLAYING.

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  1. where can we find the afl bullettin board? my batchmates are trying to organize a team but we lack players? thanks in advance!