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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preview of the Global vs Kaya Quarterfinals match

Possible starters:
Roland Sadia
Jerry Barbaso    David Basa    Carli De Murga   Patrick Reichelt
Yu Hoshide    Marwin Angeles    Angge Guisso    Misagh Bahadoran
Denis Wolf    Izzo El Habbib

Nate Burkey    Eric Dagroh
Anton Ugarte    Lexton Moy    Toshi Hosoe   Eddie Mallari
Jonah Romero    Nico Bolzico     Masa Omura    Anton del Rosario
Saba Garmaroudi

Roland Sadia has nicely stepped into the breach and provided quality goalkeeping for Global. He’s not flashy but he gets the job done. And guess, what? He’s conceded only one goal. But that also says a lot about Global’s rock solid defense.

Saba Garmaroudi is the best keeper in the UFL but brings so much more than football to a match with his theatrics and fiery play. Great stopper who makes great reads even if the defense isn’t as airtight as it should be.

Advantage: Kaya

Global has always scored goals. Lots of them. But one aspect of their game that often gets overlooked is their defense. I’d say that two year’s running, they’ve had the best. And they still do. The advantage that they have is they are solid at the centerback position while the wingbacks are able to join up in the attack and track back quickly. They’ve got speed on their side. When they lose the ball, they fight to regain quick possession.

Kaya deserves a lot of credit for making do with a patched up unit. They have been missing regulars Aly Borromeo and Jason Sabio at the back. They’ve been forced to drop Jonah Romero to the left back and Nico Bolzico at center to deal with the tall forwards. The problem on their defense is when Anton del Rosario joins the attack and doesn’t get back right away. That leaves the less speedy centerbacks to deal with the pacey and rangy forwards and midfielders.

Advantage: Global

Global has a frightening midfield that makes good use of a combination of speed and target passing. Last year, they had angel Guirado to feed the attackers. This year they have gone to a more grounded passing game. They love to play the one-two passing game with the forwards. The question is, will the pitch conditions affect Global’s game?

Kaya built its midfield in the off-season adding Sean Illif, Anton Ugarte, Toshi Hosoe, and OJ Porteria. Two of them are out for this match. If Kaya can find a way to link that middle with their strike force they’ll be okay. If not, Global will raid them.

Advantage: Global

Even if Denis Wolf has struggled up front for Global he still cannot be taken for granted. Besides, Izzo El Habbib will continue to sow fear among the slow defenders. El Habbib can hurt defences in a variety of ways. He can strike from way outside or he can poach. And if need be, chip the ball over unsuspecting goalkeepers.  El Habbib may not score as many goals as he once did but he is a big time player.

Nate Burkey has to firmly establish himself upfront if Kaya wants to win this game. If he proves to be a nuisance up front, that will give the midfielders room to maneuver. Eric Dagroh is always dangerous but he has to get going early. 

Global: Demetrius Omphroy, Juani Guirado, Matthew Uy, Alex Obiang, and Romeau Rodrigues.
Kaya: Kross Ubiam, Junior Munoz, Alu Kigbu, Dario Dakic, and Yannick Tuason.

Outlook: If the UMak pitch is hard, expect Global to try and push the ball. If not, the slow conditions will work to Kaya’s advantage. Global is the clear favourite here. For Kaya to beat Global, they will have to play the game of their lives. If Jason Sabio plays, look for Kaya's D to take it to another level.

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